Wednesday, February 14, 2018

She dared to be the change


She dared to be the change
This deeply personal account of life from rural Louisiana to the banking board room is both inspirational and triumphant. In Dare to be the Change, Annella shares personal and professional experiences vivid detail to reveal how we can overcome challenging situations and make a significant difference in the lives of others. —Janet Melancon, Executive Coach & HR Consultant, Janet Melancon Associates
In Dare to be the Change, Annella Metoyer courageously shares the details of her life's challenges, her family's dedication to positive change as well as offers hope for readers through her struggles and accomplishments. Starting with the integration of her small town public school, she encounters a life-changing experience that sets her on a path of "being the change." 

Not only did she face the challenges when women were not the voice in the room, but she also did so as a person of color.  From coworkers to disgruntled customers' discrimination, she lived the evolution of attitudes.  With each adversity, she became more determined to take the challenge and turn it into an advantage. 

Annella Metoyer was blessed to experience many firsts.  She was the first person of color to become a cheerleader. She was the first person of color employed by a local bank and ultimately, she achieved the position of the City President for a major, national corporate bank. Her journey later took an unexpected turn when she transitioned from employee to entrepreneur.
Dare to be the Change will resonate with anyone that has ever faced adversities. As you read the story, you will rejoice in the strength and tenacity that Annella finds within to help others and to make this world a better place.

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