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Interview with Author Catherine MacDonald



1) Please tell us about what you like to write? List your websites, what you do and anything else you'd like our readers and writers to know about you. (Please list your accomplishments too).

I like to write stories about women who overcome odds, who look struggles squarely in the face and go forward. My own website is and my daily blog is where I illustrate my struggles with following the seven steps of The Way, which was a number one best seller on Amazon in July 2010. A former teacher for twenty-five years, I have taught everything from first grade to English 102 in college. I created the first novel writing course at Truckee Meadows Community College and taught the Artist Way. I was the former vice-president of the Romance Writers of Nevada, before we disbanded. I have a Masters Degree in Education, which has come in handy, as I own, operate, and manage (along with my h…

Living Consciously In An Ego Driven Society by Karen Monteverdi

I just found a book that aligns with my thinking and I wanted to share it with you. There are a few of books out there that talk about this subject, but none so easy to understand, and simple to use. In writing Living Consciously In An Ego Driven Society, Karen Monteverdi, is offering a shortcut, a possibility… you won’t have to wait years to “get it”!

A life that you LOVE living.
A life that you can’t wait to get into each day.
A life that calls forth YOUR unique expression.

We dare to say "Healing by the medical community and alternative health practitioners, are missing bits and pieces." The effectiveness of the conventional health community has always been trial and error.

Karen Monteverdi sets the stage for a new way to look at health, a new way to express ourselves. We call the complex system the Total Holistic Integrated System, and we see it as a expression of how you experience life. You can change your mind, heart, spiritual awareness, be…
Need an editor? How about someone that's dedicated to get the word out about your book(s)?

Stop Bullies - teach your kids about bullying while they are young!


I had to share this important book with you – hopefully it will save some of your children the pain of bullying or being bullied.

One day after major surgery, my friend Nadia Sahari was looking out her window and began to think of what to do during her six month recovery. There it was right in front of her face! She saw him - THE BULLY CAT. The title came instantly and the story began.

Star was a bully cat and he was mean to all the other cats in her yard. She pulled out the laptop and wrote the story as she lived it and as she saw it for the next six months. All the cats were her inspiration as well as the news on TV and in papers. She could not stand the idea of another child being bullied and then possibly committing suicide. Her heart broke each time and each time it caused a setback for her. She thought of the children and the animals that are so innocent and have no control over what happens to them. Something had to be done!

I knew her children’s book, THE BULLY CAT woul…


1) Please tell us about your and your book. What is the genre? What’s the book about? (If you have any websites of other links, please post them.)

Women Writing on Family:Teaching and Publishing
Editors: Carol Smallwood & Suzann Holland
Foreword: Supriya Bhatnagar, The Writer's Chronicle editor
Publisher: The Key Publishing House Inc. ISBN: 978-1-926780-13-9 26780132/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1321978679&sr=1
Release: February, 2012; Price: $27.99
Dimension: 6x9, 343 pp.

Book Review,

Women Writing on Family: Tips on Writing, Teaching and Publishing provides guidance and insight for women who write about family. Award winning women writers from all walks of life share their experiences in planning, composing, editing, publishing, teaching, and promoting work in a variety of writing genres. Readers will learn to tackle sensitive family issu…

Ann McCauley Interview, by Carol Smallwood

1. How did Runaway Grandma gain the seal of: Top 100 Book Club Choices?

It happened about 8 months after the book’s release and on its own momentum because several book clubs around the country were reading it at the same time. These book clubs used to record and rate the books they were reading. Of course, I’d done a considerable amount of marketing.

2. How is one nominated for the Foreword Book of the Year Award?

I placed an ad for Runaway Grandma in ForeWord, a literary magazine, they read the book and nominated it for Book of the Year in Women’s Issues, since it deals with elder financial abuse. Another very nice surprise!

3. When did you begin writing for publication?

I had done some freelance work for the local newspapers and a few church and nursing journals while still working as an RN. I stopped working full time in 2002. I’d been trying to write my first novel, Mother Love, for five years, in my spare time and had only completed 40 pages! It took me nin…

Photo Adventures in Cuba ~ Unlock Your Power of Positivity

Photo Adventures in Cuba - Unlock Your Power of Positivity

Copy and Paste for all the great bonuses:

The Most Curious Positive Psychology Coaching Adventure You'll Ever Take!
Ready to banish boredom and make a radical shift in how you travel? To bang bongos, ride a water buffalo, and creep into a cavernous cave? Don't worry, the 6 foot snake was dead!

Whether you're a coach, joy seeker, or travel adventurer, you will love this book!

Judy wrote this book as a tribute to her mother who inspired her to travel to Cuba. Now you who love adventure can savor it, too. And you who seek joy and confidence can discover your strengths. And you coaches and consultants can soak up the latest strengths spotting strategies.

Are you in overwhelm?
Does your day flow like you want?
Do you want more jump out bed energy?

See and feel how life sparkles for the Cubans who embrace positivity life enhancers: Joy, Gratitude, Serenity, Interes…