Monday, June 29, 2015

How an Author’s Blog Enhances Book Promotion Efforts by Sue Chehrenegar (guest blogger)

Recall a time when you felt sad about reaching the end of a book. You wanted to stay longer in the world inhabited by the book’s characters. In other words, you had experienced positive feelings while reading that particular publication.
When a reader experiences such positive feelings, that same person has acquired something of real value from what he or she has read. The delivery of positive feelings represents one of five basic ways by which an author can offer something of real value to readers. A blog can be used to offer readers a taste of the valuable nature of an author’s work.
A blog might also be used to demonstrate a book’s possession of other characteristics that would seem valuable in a reader’s mind. For instance, an author’s recollections might trigger pleasant memories in the mind of the reader. Hence, recollections that mirror those in a book can demonstrate the value of the volume that contains those same recollections. In that way, a recollection on a blog can be used to offer a potential customer something of value.
Perhaps some piece of information in what an author has posted while blogging will manage to connect with a potential customer. That stands as yet a third means for showing that an author’s work delivers true value to those that read it. The connection could concern the actual contents of the promoted volume, or it could relate to some aspect of the process that went into development of the material that was included in that same book’s pages.
Maybe you have provided someone that holds a do-it-yourself attitude with some useful information, because you have put your guidance in a publication. You should not allow the useful nature of your publication to remain hidden. Promote that characteristic by posting useful facts in your blog. That should work to showcase your book’s usefulness, and thus its valuable nature.
A final way that a book can prove valuable to a reader concerns that volume’s ability to serve as a form of reinforcement. The author of a piece of fiction should note that particular fact. Typically, the main character in a work of fiction faces a challenge. The character’s ability to deal with that challenge can work as reinforcement for a reader that faces a similar challenge. Consequently, the reinforcement that might be offered by an author’s work ought to be highlighted in a blog.
Not every book can deliver all five of the values that were mentioned in this blog post. Still, any one volume ought to be able to provide readers with at least one such value. The valuable aspect of a publication can relate to the memories it triggers, the positive feelings it produces, the fact that it connects with readers, the degree to which it proves useful or the way that it reinforces a reader’s idea or opinion. A blog’s ability to highlight any one of those same aspects manages to aid promotion of the author’s published work.

Author’s bio: Sue Chehrenegar has written a short story for the anthology THROUGH THE EYES OF LOVE. In order to promote that anthology and her story, she once had a blog called “One Hundred Years of Thoughts.” She shared her own experiences as well as offering information on both the time period of her story. In addition, she demonstrated to writers how  she sought to enter the mind of her main character. Sue called on her experiences as a blogger when composing this article.

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