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New social network launching... (bigger than Facebook!)

I've been working behind the scenes on a new social network that's about to launch. It's already growing at the speed of Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest! You have to see the concept to understand why. But once you get it, you'll see this could change your life forever. Check it out here… Watch the video and then create your account. I can't tell you too much more until you're inside, so create your free account now then let me know and I can explain how it all works! Thanks, Linda Barnett-Johnson P.S. Almost 1,300,000 people have already joined, and it hasn't even gone live yet! Come see what all of the buzz is about:  

Interview with Charline Ratcliff

Charline, you lead a very interesting work life. I visited your website and blog and got to know you better. Can you tell our readers a little about yourself? Where can they find more about your services? Thanks Linda. While I never intended to become a published author, artist, et cetera, I am happy to be doing something I find fulfilling. I guess the old adage rings true: do what you love and it won't seem like work. Of course, due to my unusual childhood I didn't really know what I wanted to be when I grew up. However, I did know I wanted to do something that would make a difference in the world. Starting in my late twenties, the one constant in my life were some very sporadic, very unusual and extremely lifelike dreams. While I was often advised to write them down, I didn't. Not until I dreamed about Ancient Egypt and Queen Nefertiti. Because of that dream, "The Curse of Nefertiti" came to fruition, and I've been writing (almost non-stop) ever since. But,

THE CEO MANUAL 4 KIDS by James Scott

  Give your kids the encouragement and training they need to rise to their full potential! Give them this book...      The CEO Manual 4 Kids! Start now - help your kid succeed in a changing world! New Renaissance Corporation Publishing and #1 Bestselling Author James Scott offer you  the definitive guide for instilling and nurturing strategic executive leadership qualities in your child's daily life . We are shaping tomorrow's leaders, today! Powerful, dynamic CEOs aren't born that way; they are carefully nurtured and sculpted.  Even the  Jack Welches and Bill

Do you want to advance your business through radio and TV? Check out this book.


Want to know how to be happy? Pay Attention, Say Thank You...

  Want to know how to be happy? Pay Attention, Say Thank You... 10061 Riverside Drive, Suite 368, Toluca Lake, California 91602-2560, USA Unsubscribe | Change Subscriber Options


 If you don't have time for a long novel, why not buy a book of short stories? It's filled with fun characters that love a mystery. In the short stories, The Crazy Jug, The Pink Victorian Lady, Frogs, Gnomes, Hikers and Bottle Miners, The Conjurer, and The Rescue, Gert Carver and Nina Westacott meet an eclectic variety of characters as they trade-off collectibles and old bottles at flea markets and solve gentle mysteries involving neighbors, relatives, past students, farmers and hicks in and around the upstate New York community of Indian Falls. Gert and Nina are likeable protagonists, and Patricia Crandall has revealed a life unknown to most city dwellers. Here's what one reviewer had to say:    The following is a quote from a past review in the New York Times Sunday Review of books: "In the wake of 9/11 (and the terror attacks that have followed; e.g. Aurora, Boston and others too numerous to mention), Americans seem to crave the reassur


  It's June of 1936. The Biggest Little City in the World finds itself in the middle of the divorce craze. While the country struggles with the Depression, wealthy people head to Reno for the cure. War is coming and the world is changing. Women are discovering their voices as they fling their wedding rings from the bridge into the Truckee River. Join Maggie, Dorothy and Claire as they arrive on the Washoe Ranch to rid themselves of their stale marriages, only to learn that they had created lives for themselves that they never dreamed possible.


1.  Your book, Change Myself, is a book of poetry. Please tell us a bit about it? Can you share one of your poems? The book is a great example of all different types of poems from symbolism to the straight forward, from love to hate, and from murder to marriage. Some of the poems focus on issues in today's society. Also, my favorite poem in the whole book is about my favorite poet of all time, Edgar Allen Poe. The book can make you laugh, cry, laugh again, and then make you want to stab the guy who did the girl wrong. I think that's what people like the most about my book. It focuses on the reader's emotions, not my own. The reader feels drawn in, because they can feel the same emotions that I feel when I wrote the poems. It And He   It hurtled itself at him. It hated the sight of him Looking at her up and down. Its chilly crimson eyes Burn into him in The middle of the night. It wanted to claw His acne scarred face. It wanted to claw his Black heart out. It wanted to skin


Danger and romance roll like thunder through horse whisperer Kat Bonner's world, when a known felon comes to the ranch to drop a bomb about her past. Kat turns to Pierce for help; the same Pierce who bucks her every chance he gets, and whose feverish investigation lands them in trouble with the law and directly in the path of a serial killer. Mystery deepens, fraught with wrong turns, bumbling detectives, old murders, and Kat's doppelganger no one sees but her, just as she never sees the change in Pierce's feelings toward her, brewing, mounting, until she can no longer deny them. :