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Healing issues that impact your life...


Healing issues that impact your life...Read more. "I absolutely love this book!! I have the divine pleasure of getting to work with Kristine, and who she is shines through in this book. She has such a gift for articulating the truths that allow us to move from fear and ego, into light and love. And I love her reference stories in the book that help show how these healing modalities have worked for others and how they can work for you. A must read! And if you can, book a session with her! She is truly incredible." - Amazon Reader

Are you tired of feeling consumed by anger or resentment about your past?  Do you suffer from addictions or other health problems that seem linked to a longtime pattern of stress, anxiety, or depression

You can transform your health and your life. Once you understand how negative emotions associated with trauma, anger, and fear are making you sick, you can learn to release them and find true healing and happiness.In Living through Choice, gifted spi…

Unseen Background Details by Mary Deal

As a writer, you may find that TV characters can be emotionally flat time and again. What sets them apart, even what gets the viewer to like them, is that we can see them. We see their facial expressions and how they react to other people and occurrences. We see their actions, which express motivations and emotion. We see the background scenery and how they act and react in such a setting. What we see on TV or in a film is exactly what many writers fail to include in their stories. Details we see in a picture don't have to be explained because we see them. When writing our stories and books, we must skillfully describe the important silent background details for the reader. A simplified example: If the reader doesn't know the character is caught out in a rainstorm, how will the reader know anything except that the character is walking down a street? We must describe the setting. If it was raining, don't stop there. Was it a thunderstorm or simply sprinkling? Did the character ge…

A magnificent time travel medical fantasy set in two different centuries

A magnificent time travel medical fantasy set in two different centuries
Read more. "Dr. Timothy Cook combines medical knowledge and personal experiences, within a refreshingly new fantasy tale that is like nothing you will have encountered before. Appealing to a wide-readership, this fascinating insight into the life of a Doctor is inspiring and illuminating, for it captures two very different time frames and experiences. Amid the spine-chilling suspense and engaging mystery is a heart-warming tale of two physicians connected across the ages with the same goal in mind. Compelling and profoundly insightful, the first book of Drachma is a stirring read. ~Luicinda

What does being a doctor really feel like? What is it like to get called out in the middle of the night to care for a desperately ill patient, to be the one everyone depends on? Bob Gilsen knows only too well. And what does a fifteenth-century physician, who gets called out in the middle of the night in winter, possibly ha…

Your E-mail Signature: Choosing Courteous and Great Marketing

By Carolyn Howard-Johnson Borrowed from Carolyn’s free #SharingwithWriters newsletter that has been helping
writers succeed since 2003.

In a public e-mail to her clients, someone near and dear to me (an expert) said most people look at the first two lines of an email. That’s it. They aren’t interested in fishing through pages of post-signature blather. People need to have ways to learn about you, not reasons to put up shields.” She advised three or four lines, tops. Boy, did that set me off. So, these people we send mail to are in such a hurry that they’d rather spend time looking up in dozens of places for the information that could just as easily have been in the contact’s e-mail signature?  Here’s my rant-er . . . rebuttal:

My old friend, I so disagree with this. 
For one thing, there are no fast rules. Much depends on the genre an author writes in. Another depends on the author’s personality. But more than that, I view a signature as a courtesy. Put that word in caps! COURTESY!
There is…