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A Catholic Priest looks directly in the eyes of evil

Read more. Storytelling at its Best! The characters are vividly created and evoke emotion. You find yourself caught up in the story of each character and they are brilliantly interwoven. This is a real page turner and a must read for lovers of crime/detective/thriller genre plus a touch of the supernatural makes this one of my favorite reads of the year. Highly recommended!  ~Renae A Catholic Priest talking about Evil is not unusual. However, a Catholic Priest looking directly into the eyes of "Evil" who the Monk calls "The Ugly" is unusual even for the Capitol Hill area of Denver and St. Benedict the Moor's Church. This is just one of the "Spiritual Tests" the Monk faces as he attempts to solve the murder of Julia Lopez with his ex-Partner Det. Sgt. Jack Laskey.With political pressure applied by the Governor, the Archbishop of Denver and the Franciscan Provincial, The Monk becomes a "Special Consultant" and helps Laskey solve the "Murde…

A Talk with God

Read more. The Miracle in You offers a "message of hope that invites change" allowing you to "go to your inner voice and listen for what is your truth."  The book is a primer on how to make it happen. It's a fun read about ideas that seem elusive but are really quite accessible when given a nurturing nudge. Bruce is a good guide to making this journey come to life.
-Dr. Wayne Benenson, College Professor and Elementary School Teacher In "The Miracle in You," Bruce Baird shares a talk with God.  The miracle in you is that magic sense of peace and calm that comes when your mind and emotions let go and you go inside to the real you.  You feel the essential self within, your soul, that part of you that is connected to all the Universe.    

This little book offers a path of action to a greater belief in yourself and to feeling a direct connection to the God within you. Learn why you are here, about thinking positive thoughts, releasing judgment, overcoming …