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Nice guys DO NOT finish last

Read more. Gratitude goes a long, long way in the nice equation. You can be satisfied anywhere along the path of life. It doesn't mean that you are complacent. It means that you are grateful for where you are ... AND you are pursuing more/better/different. More money, better relationships, different business ... always striving to improve and move forward. That's nice.

Nice guys do not finish last. 

Actually, nice guys finish first with a ton of cheerleaders celebrating with you. Nice gets it done. Nice moves you forward with gusto. Nice keeps you in a place of integrity with yourself. Nice enrolls people to help you accomplish your goals. Nice keeps you moving in the direction of your purpose. Nice smooths the path for you. Greases the wheel. Levels the playing field. Keeps you smiling.

Nice is a four letter word to some people. There is a nasty rumor that nice is just another word for doormat. Nice in no way means that you are leaving yourself open to being used or abused ~ it i…

Transcending the "I"

Read more. The characteristic mark of substantial change is that the object undergoing the change does not survive that change or persist through it, but is destroyed in the process.  – Aristotle
What is our never-ending focus on working hard to achieve the "good life" getting us? America, once the healthiest nation on earth, now ranks 27th - below all European nations and many third world countries.  In her book, Transcending the I, Carol Grojean invites us to join her profound journey into her experience of self as she "woke up" from her way of living through external, socialized definition. Her journey began one day when, while exploring the dissatisfaction of her life, she participated in a workshop with a friend. Sitting on the floor in a circle, everyone was asked the question, "What do you pretend?" Her answer surprised her and sent her on a journey to redefine who she truly is. "I pretend that getting up every morning and getting ready for work…

Are your children suffering from bullies?

Read more. Stronger than Fear is the story of young Christopher and his beloved dog, Loki. Loki lives in so much fear of four-legged neighborhood bullies that he stops walking with Christopher to school. But when Christopher gets a black eye from a bully of his own, Loki must choose between protecting his friend and avoiding his bullies. They learn that, together, they are stronger than fear. Children will learn through this story that they can conquer any fear with love and support from friends and family.
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Don't get sick over healthcare

Read more. Six Simple Steps to Take Control of Your Healthcare
for More Confidence, Support and a Healthier Future
Nobody loves going to the doctor. The healthcare system is complicated, confusing, and often frustrating. It's difficult to make an appointment, you have long waits to see a doctor who hardly has time to see you, and medical insurance is a confusing nightmare. Who needs it? You do! Every single one of us needs to see doctors, whether to treat an illness or prevent one. Even when you're not sick, you may be unsure where to turn to get the best care and advice.In Don't Get Sick Over Your Healthcare, Dale White, an expert at navigating the complex healthcare system, presents a way to achieve better health and more happiness for yourself and your loved ones.  In his book, he demonstrates six simple steps that teach you to:Better prepare for your appointment, so you can feel confidentGet the support you need to feel empowered about your healthcareSave time and money …

Those S and ES Endings by Mary Deal

These endings have always troubled me until I finally decided to get it right. Compare the versions and pick out the correct usages in this name ending with the letter s.
The Joneses came for dinner. The Jones’s came for dinner. The Jones came for dinner.
John Joneses car stalled. John Jones car stalled. John Jones’s car stalled.
That Jones’s girl. That Joneses girl. That Jones girl.
The correct sentences are:
The Joneses came for dinner. John Jones’s car stalled. That Jones girl.
Some tips:
When a name ends with an s, and when speaking of the family as a group, add es, as in Joneses. When speaking about something John Jones owned, it is his property and, therefore, an apostrophe and s shows ownership, as in Jones’s. When speaking about a person in the singular, use only the name Jones. However, when speaking about a group of girls all named Jones, you would write that sentence: The Jones girls. Notice that the name stays the same but the s is added to the word girl, stating more than one exists with t…