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What could you accomplish if you were more courageous?

Do you often lack confidence to speak up? Do you often settle for the status quo rather than try to change it? Does your fear of looking foolish or messing up, keep you stuck? Would you like a road map to navigate a bolder path forward? We're hardwired to avoid risk yet only by stepping outside your comfort zone can you ever enjoy the success and satisfaction you most want. Stop Playing Safe is a ‘must read’ book for anyone who aspires to a more rewarding career & life. Written by bestselling author, Forbes columnist, media personality, international speaker and renowned success coach, Margie Warrell provides a powerful guidebook to help you get ahead & enjoy deeper fulfillment in an increasingly uncertain and competitive world. "Adapting to change an taking chances are critical to your success. Stop Playing Safe will help you with both. Get it, read it, enjoy the results." Jon Gordon, Best-selling author of The Energy Bus and The Seed. Combining th

Make Your Life Magical by Tony Kent

Tony has worked side by side with one of the great living Gnostic teachers for the last 20 years, and this book shares how he has applied these spiritual teachings to transform his life, and how these teachings can transform your life as well! 1. KEYS TO LIVING A MAGICAL LIFE OF ABUNDANCE If you want real wealth and deeper meaning in your life, the exercises in this report are the #1 most important thing you can do NOW! 2. HOW TO ESCAPE THE RAT RACE If you're overworked and underpaid, longing to start your own business, this book is for you! READ his amazing story. Buy the book This book covers: · Enhancing your relationships with money · Transforming pain and loss into abundance and joy · Constructing your life purpose statement · Creating a balanced life · Tapping into the power of Divine love · Creating harmonious and loving relationships · Utilizing hope, gratitude, and right action · Experiencing forgiveness · Moving beyond constriction, fear, doubt,