Wednesday, October 14, 2015

A Mother's Love Transcends All


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Interview with Author Heather Harlow


1. Give us a brief synopsis of your latest work.
I recently published my first book, a sci-fi romance action-adventure.  It tells about the aliens from the planet Argon who've come to our planet looking for a new home.  They're helping the humans on Earth survive themselves.  In the book, there's been a code breach at the high-tech company Susan has just started working for.  People on her team are being killed and she finds herself having to rely on Christoph, the CEO to protect her.  Little does she know he's the Argon alien commander on Earth.    
My next book will be a continuation of the story and will tell more about the Grogans.  The Argon nemesis from the former universe, Baldacon.
2. What got you into writing?
I've always wanted to write books since I started reading them at the age of 10 while on vacation with my family.

3.  What genres do you like to read?
I like to read romance, action adventure, and historical.

4.  What is your process for developing characters? Do you people watch and base characters off of what you see? Or are your characters complete figments of your imagination?  
I believe my characters are complete figments of my imagination.

5.  How much time and effort do you put into marketing?
I put a lot of time into marketing.  Lately, I've been putting 20-30 hours a week into marketing.  However, I really need to write more.

6.  Do you have any works in mind that you've not yet written? If so, what are they?
The Argonians series which are stories about the Argon aliens.  One specifically is The Commander and the Pirate Princess which is about the first integration between Argonians and humans.

7.  If there is one thing that stands out about your writing or your stories, what is it?
It is a bit risque at times and hopefully brutally honest.

8.  What inspired you to write your most recent story?
My friend signed us up for a class about how to write a bestseller in a weekend. 

9.  Where can potential readers find your work?
My book, The Argon Factor, is for sale on Amazon and Kindle eBooks

10. Where can readers connect with you socially online?
Twitter:  @HeatherMHarlow
I also have a Facebook page, Pinterest boards, and I'm on GoodReads; all under my name.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

A Widow's Silhouette by Basil Opurum

Spanning more than three decades, A Widow’s Silhouette successfully merges a wartime love story with realistic glimpses of daily life during the Biafran-Nigerian civil war and the reconstruction period afterward. When Jane’s parents’ finances begin to dwindle, her education abruptly ends. She relocates to live with her uncle Bryan and work as his secretary and an attendant at his gas station. One day she meets Bryan’s friend John, who falls deeply in love with her but is already married. John is torn between his late father’s wish for his marriage and his love for Jane. Is divorce an option? Set against a turbulent background of riots, civil war, and bloodshed, this tour de force follows not only the powerful story of Jane, but also the trials of her brother Michael and the beautiful Ugonma, whose lover, Ndubueze, deceives her and forces her into a life of prostitution. An eloquent and evocative work of historical fiction, this novel’s haunting voice and lush scenes will leave you breathless.

Interview with Author Cheryle Boyle

538: Murder, Suicide and A Mother's Love is a faction about family dysfunction and the prevailing love that sustains a mother. Lilly, happily marries and is full of life as she births five beautiful children. Life takes a drastic turn and she finds herself in a place that she never had dreamt of being. The grip of life keeps a tight rein on Lilly as she suffers great loss, but her strength in God and the love for her children push her forward.  There are days that she lives by simply putting one foot in front of the other. The drama that unfolds, at times, is unbelievable. From the eldest child to the youngest, the anxieties are obvious. Lilly finds herself at times unable to interact and is often heard reciting cliché's, words she lived by, "When it rains, it pours, A Bird in the Hand is Worth Two in the Bush, It'll All Come Out in the Wash."  Lilly is strong, resilient and loyal, and her inner strength causes her to persevere.

   1.       Give us a brief synopsis of your latest work.
My latest work is a faction of a dysfunctional family where the mother, Lilly, is the main character, and all that befalls her.  She falls in love and has a wonderful marriage, five beautiful children, and then tragedy strikes.  The family is never the same.  Lilly tries her hardest and her loyalty, resiliency and perseverance keep her moving forward.  The love she has for God and her children propels her to withstand all the turmoil.  She births more children and the chaos continues.  Lilly stumbles upon her youngest child's diaries and this affords her a unique opportunity. 
   2.       What got you into writing?
I have always loved writing.  In the beginning, I wrote to express my feelings and to entertain my children.  Over the years this grew into the writing being a necessary creative outlet.
   3.       What genres do you like to read?
I enjoy reading fiction, crime stories, psychological mysteries.  I love the intrigue and the surprise when the ending is not exactly what you expected.  Lisa Gardner is one of my favorites.
   4.       What is your process for developing characters?  Do you people watch and base characters off of what you see?  Or are your characters complete figments of your imagination?
It varies.  I have been presented with enough characters in my lifetime to fill many a book. So I would say it is a combination of real life characters and using my imagination to put them up to all types of scenarios with creative embellishments.
   5.       How much time and effort do you put into marketing?
I put a lot of time and effort into marketing because that is the main means of getting my writings out there.  I would say that half of my time is spent marketing; the other half writing. I am trying to change that, because I enjoy the writing much more.
   6.       Do you have any works in mind that you've not yet written?  If so, what are they?
I have a lot of stories I am mulling around up there.  I would like to develop the character, Sadie, from my upcoming book and see where else she goes on her journey. I would love to also explore the world of children's literature.  I need to write at least a few children's book for my 12 grandchildren.
   7.       If there is one thing that stands out about your writing or your stories, what is it?
I think my style.  I think that it is a bit different and I have the ability to really make people feel from my writings.  There always tends to be a sense of sadness in most of my writings.
   8.       What inspired you to write your most recent story?
The fact that so many children experience dysfunctional families. I wanted to draw attention to the dysfunction and the effects that it has.  You ask any adult, at some time in their childhood they experienced dysfunction; some worse than others.
   9.       Where can potential readers find your work?
My work will be available on October 14, 2015 with my first release, 538: Murder, Suicide and A Mother's Love.  Other works of short stories, poetry and blogs are available on my website:  I currently have a video trailer available for my upcoming release on YouTube:

   10.    Where can readers connect with you socially online?
Please visit my website: ,  Twitter:  CheryleBoyle@Sadiesstory and on Facebook   .  Please visit my website and sign up for my upcoming newsletter.  Leave comments, I'd love to hear from you and what types of writings you would enjoy seeing. 

Unleash Your Godly Power!

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Looking for Book Blog Hosts

I am looking for book blog hosts for book tours that would be willing to post any of these or all:
book, bio, author picture, book review, radio interview or interview of my author clients. If you'd like to be one of my hosts, please contact me at Linda and put in the subject line: Book Tour Hosts

It's easy and a great way to get more visitors to your site and help another author. 

I would like to do one in November for Cheryle Boyle's new book: 538: Murder, Suicide and a Mother's Love.
Her webpage:  

Thank you for your support of all authors. 


Thursday, October 1, 2015

Update on Feather Schwartz Foster

Feather Schwartz Foster, author of

"THE FIRST LADIES" & "LADIES:  A Conjecture of Personalities" …. 

UPCOMING EVENT:  Saturday, October 3

19th National War of 1812 Symposium
Saturday, October 3, 2015, 
Old Moot Hall, University of Baltimore
FSF to do a segment on DOLLEY MADISON & her role in the War of 1812!


Upcoming signings

Friday, October 9  – 10 AM  2 PM  – William &Mary Bookstore, Williamsburg, VA

Friday, October 30  -  10AM – 2PM – William & Mary Bookstore, Williamsburg, VA

If you are in the neighborhood – stop in and say hello!


 Fall schedule for the Christopher Newport University and The Christopher Wren Society 

Christopher Newport University:   The "Typical" First Ladies 

Thursdays: September 10  October 8:  1-2:15 PM

Christopher Wren Society:  Three MORE Nifty Presidential-ish Stories

Tuesdays:  October 27, November 3, 10 – 9:30-11:30 AM

Programs for the Spring Sessions at both venues will be forthcoming by the end of the year.

Check out my latest blog articles at                                                            Lucy Hayes' Spectacular Dinner Servicebeautiful museum-quality settings                                                           Frances Cleveland: The FLOTUS as a Celebrity"endorsing" everything from arsenic to old lace                                                         Martha Washington's "Disposition"taking everything in stride, according to Martha                                                            Jane Pierce: First Lady of Sorrows unable to take everything in stride, according to Jane

All VERY nifty stories!  You will enjoy them!