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The Plus Size Woman's Guide to Nurturing Confidence and Self Esteem

-AWeber Yoga TemplateBeautiful at Any Size: The Plus Size Woman's Guide to Nurturing Confidence and Self-Esteem BUY THE BOOK!
The Book:
This book will help heal your negative attitudes about body size and self-worth and provide new insights to raise your self-esteem and confidence. Women of ANY size will find comfort and inspiration in the cheerful and loving words of this motivational book based on the authors personal experience and deep emotional and spiritual wisdom about really seeing our own beauty and power and worth, regardless of body shape or size or weight.From the Author In the author's own words: "In my family, being fat was considered a sin. Well, to be honest, being overweight was a sin and fat--well THAT was just completely unacceptable! From a very early age, I got the message that something was wrong with my size and that it was all my fault. I learned very early in life that my body was something to be ashamed of, and I unconsciously adopted the belief tha…


Move into the Magic!
A Guide to Discovering Your Life's MissionAmazon 


Create the Life of Your DreamsDon't miss this book!
Finally there's a book that explains why we can't seem to break the family patterns that prevent us from moving forward into our life's mission to find true happiness - it's Move into the Magic, a Guide to Discovering Your Life's Missionby Maxine Taylor.What makes this book unique is that it gives you the whole picture.  It shows you the cause of the problem and gives you the solution.  It takes you from birth to the present and shows you, step by step, how to let go of the commitments that have run your life and created your life's story.  In addition, it gives you a technique to rewrite your life the way you want it to be.  This is empowering, and even better, you get more than 20 bonuses when you buy the book!

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