Thursday, December 22, 2016

Do You Have This Gift?

  You know when most people have a talent they never think about how and why they have this gift. On the other hand, I am very different. At thirty-five, I suffered a brain aneurysm, putting me in a wheelchair, not a very nice experience. At this time in my life I could sing like a bird, but no more after this happened. The aneurysms paralyzed one of my vocal cords and I lost my ability to sing. But I soon discovered I had a hidden talent I had no idea I had. This hidden talent was the ability to write, something I had never ever suspected.

    When I lost my voice, I felt so lost. I remarried soon after the aneurysm, and one day my husband dared me to write a poem. This is when it came to my attention that I could write, not just poetry but stories as well. I wasn't just a writer but I was a story teller. I had always hears if you were good in one art, you would be in another and I was.

    I really hold on to my gift because I can do something, that many can't do. If pride is a sin then I am a sinner, because I take pride in my gift, it's something special I can do and I have never took any kind of classes for writing, so this gift is all me. I don't like to blow my horn, but I know I can write. I'm sure Aretha Franklin knows she can sing, so what is wrong with knowing I can write?
    I feel like to be bonified in your gift, it will constantly on your mind. I eat and sleep writing and my ideas for writing. I can get inspiration from a stop sign. When I go to bed at night, I usually lie beside my husband for a couple of hours thinking about writing and ideas to write about.
    I use to write about serial killers, ghosts, things of the paranormal, but now I would say my genre is historical thrillers. Like my last novel and the sequence I am working on now is about the Knight's Temper and their  treasure. Not really of the paranormal. But kind of a book on Christianity. I feel this is my destiny. These novels were inspired by Dan Brown's DaVinci Code, but totally different. My book is called Seekers of the Suppressed and Forbidden. The title makes a lot of sense, just stop and think religion has been done this way.
     If you feel you can write, pursue it, PLEASE! Don't sell yourself short! It just might be your calling and your destiny. Most any one that knows me has no idea in reality, I am shy wanting to stay behind the scenes. Well, with writing I can do so and I really like that. If you are shy it is perfect. I think my best pay is to see a person's face, especially after they read some of my work. I'm not in this for monetary gain, I love to entertain people with my gift.
     I just hope if you have this gift, use it to entertain people, especially in these times that are a total uproar,everyone needs a temparary escape. If only with a book, a cheap way to escape, and in these times that's even better. If you feel you can give of yourself by writing, do so because it is only fear stopping you and you can overcome that.


Mary Kellis

Lanaia Lee Lanaia Lee was born in 1957 to a Navy father and a schoolteacher mother who home-schooled her.
In second grade, she was reading on a 4th grade level, so they moved her to a private school to enhance her education.  
When she was nine years old, her mother died from a massive stroke. Because her father was rarely home, her grandmother,
a professed black witch, gained custody.  
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