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The howling was close. His blood ran cold, he was being watched!

Read more. [ ]"A truly entertaining read. Lots of foreshadowing, mystery and unanticipated resolution. Found it difficult to put down as I couldn't wait to turn a page." ~Dave M.When veterinarian Abigail Fisher finds a small, stuffed wolf in a dumpster, she has no idea of the havoc that will ensue. Eerie howls, sightings of a large, unidentified animal, and encounters with a mysterious stranger and his wolf dog soon follow.
After first friends, then a neighbor of Abigail's are found dead, Abigail fears for her safety.
â€&lsqauo;â€&lsqauo;â€&lsqauo;â€&lsqauo;â€&lsqauo;â€&lsqauo;â€&lsqauo;When Detective Parker Williams investigates the bizarre killings, he finds himself immersed in tales of devil worship, mysterious creatures, and local lore and legend. And, he wonders, how is this all connected to Abigail?As the body count rises, Parker is in a terrifyin…

A Twisted Tale in an Isolated Mining Town

Read more. [ ]â€&lsqauo;â€&lsqauo;â€&lsqauo;â€&lsqauo;â€&lsqauo;â€&lsqauo;â€&lsqauo;"Carol Sheldon is a master story-teller. The historic details, the film noir atmosphere, and the gradual revelations of each of the characters and their motivations are superb. From the first foreboding moment to the startling conclusion, this is a true page turner. I could not put it down." . . Vicki Weiland, book doctor.MOTHER LODE was a finalist in fiction in the 2012 Amazon International Contest. It is a psychological mystery set in a Michigan mining town at the turn of the 20th century. Sheriff Foster tries to uncover the mysterious death of a town woman whose nineteen year old son is in jail as a suspect. What he discovers is shockingâ€"about the mother-son relationship. What he does with this knowledge is both ingenious and affirming."The memorable characters …

The Effect of Titles by Mary Deal

Your story title is the first word or words a person sees when looking for a book to read. Yes, they see the cover, but the title is the first bit of information they read. What if your title is...
uninteresting a bit offensive similar to so many others doesn’t give a clue about the plot
Those are just a few instances where an author can lose a sale before the book is opened for perusal; before the prospective buyer flips the book to read the back cover. In selecting either paper books to buy or eBooks to download, we can now read a percentage of the book, either the first few chapters or we can jump to various pages therein. When perusing sites that offer downloadable books, the same problems occur in identifying about which story to learn more. If a title and cover on that site doesn’t appeal to you, do you bother to read the blurbs describing the eBook? Do you read the first chapters that have been made available in an attempt to capture your interest? Many writers do not think through th…

Melissa Joy Jonsson's new book is truly transformational

Read more. Spirituality is practicality, and Melissa Joy Jonsson offers practical ways to play. Highly recommendable to everyone seeking their true authentic self and no longer
wishing to avoid it!. - Lubica Pecitova

Discover how to PLAY the change game from the inside out, on your own heart-terms, so that the inner you matches the you without. Join inspiring, life-transformational leader Melissa Joy (M-Joy) as she journeys to the heart of interactive reality creation. Learn a powerful cohesive language and framework of completion, terminology where self-love is the new normal.

Close the gap between your perceived limitations and your innate limitless potential through the Integrity Effect. Whether you are seeking self-love; freedom from addictions; more fulfilling relationships with family, friends, and colleagues; or to transform prevailing paradigms, the Integrity Effect can light the way. This book is a journey into True Authentic Self, offering practical heart-centered approache…

What if the first woman president is cursed?

Read more. [ ]Every president elected from 1840 onward in the years ending in zero either has been shot or has died in office. Will the first woman president be next? The year is 2021. The United States has its first female president. The threat to her life is ever present.â€&lsqauo;â€&lsqauo;â€&lsqauo;â€&lsqauo;â€&lsqauo;â€&lsqauo;â€&lsqauo;A Secret Service agent informs her about Tecumseh's Curse, but she is more concerned about the security of the nation than her own life. When the president is assassinated, the agent makes it his mission to capture the killer. The FBI, CIA and Homeland Security also join in the hunt for the killer. This book is the sequel to Tecumseh's Curse.â€&lsqauo;Click Here! []
Denise Cassino
Book Marketing Specialist
303 838 3399
PO Box 1223, Coni…

You can stop the madness going on in your mind

Read more. [ ]Your mind is like a train on the track; move on or apply the brakes. The train is your dream, your brain is the conductor moving you forward, and your subconscious is on the track, standing between you and your future. Which way do you want to go?â€&lsqauo;â€&lsqauo;â€&lsqauo;â€&lsqauo;â€&lsqauo;â€&lsqauo;â€&lsqauo;With this book, I want to share with you how the power of your mind can lead you to discover a prosperous and healthier life; how your thoughts can help you connect to your Divine power and ease the constant flow of negative thinking, so you can live a healthier life. You can have more peace, more transformation with a healthier conscious mind without sabotaging your ideas or creation.
There is so much we do not know about the power of our mind. It is surprising that we don't use all of our brain capacity, if we did, the results will be ast…