Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Top 5 Reasons as To Why Businesses Need To Outsource Their Contact Centre Services (guest blogger)

Top 5 Reasons as To Why Businesses Need To Outsource Their Contact Centre Services

When your customers call you to inform you about the issue they are facing or ask questions, the contact centre representatives they speak to is responsible for handling their concerns and improving the view of their company so do make that your calls are handled smoothly. These professionals also serve as the spokesperson for their businesses while interacting with their customers, and when this department has a problem in talking calls then it is time to hire an outsourcing company. Given here are five important reasons as to why the business owners need to turn towards contact centre outsourcing.

Customer’s complaints increase: If a business receives complaints and does not stop them then the number of calls would continue to increase. Contact centre professionals are here not just to hear the complaints of their customers but also to defence against the negative comments that could have affected the reputation of the organization. So when you are dealing with angry customers and trained customers then know what you have to say in order to maintain and improve their relationship with them and bringing a change in the business.

Calls being put on hold on frequent basis: The long-time wait to connect to with the customer care could be unbearable for a few and could cause them to complain even more. And if the customer success team would continue to experience a backlog of calls, then it high time that you hire an external organization who has a great experience in taking the calls from the demanding customers. Outsourcing contact centre employees would continue to work efficiently and so quickly that the customers would not have to wait for a longer period of time.

Businesses using an outdated equipment: Sometimes the problem with the client and the customer communication begins with the equipment itself. When the businesses use the old equipment’s then it could mean of being more disconnected from calls. And since the organizations partner with the external service providers they do not have to pay for all the calling equipment of the outsourced workers, they could cut operating costs while improving the customer’s communication.

In house Labor costs outweigh the benefits: Because the contact centre workers are the major link between the consumers and the businesses, they are crucial in maintaining the customer’s satisfaction. Organizations pay more for the Labor costs for all the in house contacts that they have. As a client service team you need to support the growth of a business by effectively articulating the benefits for all their products and services. And an outsourcing company could provide such a group of skilled professionals.

Too much time spent on recruiting the callers: When you begin to get calls on continuous basis, it could be overwhelming especially if the customers are difficult enough to deal with. This could also lead with in house customer team to quit and leave a business shorthanded. Outsourcing contact centre services are well experienced in recruiting and in training the callers, saving your time and money. So instead of recruiting new callers themselves business owners should here consider of seeking external help in order to improve their customer support team.

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Abhishek Jain has over 10 years of experience within the BPO Industry and Contact Centre Services. Business Process Outsourcing delivers and manages various offshore/onsite projects in various technologies and domains.

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