Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Marketing Expert Urges Authors to Make Monumental Moves

Often, a first-time author finds it hard to promote his or her new publication. Typically, authors view themselves as artists. It can be hard to equate artistic talents with the skills of a business person. Yet an author's ability to achieve that hard-to-reach goal determines his or her chances for success.
A desirable characteristic in any website
A website provides an author with the chance to display the capacity for combining craft and entrepreneurial abilities. Indeed, Jay Acunzo, a man that encourages monumental shifts in marketing views the marketer as a person that is performing a craft. He studies different websites, looking for examples of a cool marketing trick.
He recently found one, but has not yet posted all the details on his own blog. Smart authors should welcome this chance to get a head start on their competition. Some noteworthy facts about Acunzo's discovery have been tucked into this blog post.
A writer that had read some of the content on Acunzo's website wanted to provide him with an insightful piece of information. That reader shared the name of a website that has taken a fresh approach to the task of crafting a website. Authors that aspire to establishment of a link between their online presence and one site's unique features should click onto this URL: .
A cool trick to use within an author's website
The owner of the company that makes Iggy Chips shares with authors the challenge of having to venture out on his own. He rose to that challenge, when he posted online the information about his "team." Each member of that team has been pictured on a designated web page. Those pictures reveal a significant fact about each member of that entrepreneur's team.
All of the pictures show an iguana in his or her habitat. Unlike most iguanas, the ones associated with this particular chip wear hats and sunglasses. In addition, each of them has a name, along with a short biography. Those posted biographies help to enliven the content on
The message to book authors
While writing a book, an author's ability to be creative gets tested. After publication of the author's latest works, that same creativity remains useful, because it aids formation of a site that stands out from other websites. Yet, at that same time the author's creativity must work hand-in-hand with a certain amount of business sense.
A book author wants to have an audience, i.e. lots of readers. A site's content can aid the building of such an audience. Authors that appreciate that fact can succeed at combining a creative spirit with an entrepreneurial outlook.
The characters in an author's book can serve as his or her "team." The presentation of that team can underscore the unique nature of the website associated with a given publication. That uniqueness will not escape the perceptive senses of Google's spyder. Hence, it works to place an author's website higher on the list of all the ranked websites. It might even encourage formation of links to the URL associated with the latest book by that same author.
Authors should copy the habit of marketers like Jay Acunzo. Each of them ought to make a point of studying various websites. Not all the studied sites need to be ones that were put together by other authors. Some can be sites for products that seem to have no relation to the publishing industry or to the focus of the book that needs to be promoted.

BIO: Sue Chehrenegar became interested in book promotion after a story she had written was included in an anthology. A good back cover helps to enhance a promotional effort. Sue has written this guest blog post as a way to help other authors.

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