Monday, November 20, 2017

The Future of Social Media That You Must Know by Louis Martin

How marketing channels will change this year? The social media platforms are constantly evolving around the needs and preferences of the customers. These networks help people to connect with other people around everywhere who then build a personal connection with each others. The basic purpose of social media is to build a brand and increase its visibility. Some research studies show that social media has been an integral communication platform for majority of the users and we have over 2 billion active social media users. Few research stats says that,
·         81% of millennial check Twitter at least once per day.
·         The female Instagram users are comparatively more than men. Its 38% vs. 26%.
·         Instagram is considered to be the largest social network for the teenagers.
So what is in for social media this year? The ongoing social media practices for this and few upcoming years are:
The Era of Messaging Apps
That is pretty strange, but this year social messaging applications have taken over the place of social networks. In fact, social messaging apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, SnapChat, Instagram have more users than the big social networks: Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.
Most businesses have now started taking advantage of the presence of huge audiences based on social media platforms and are already taking benefits of messaging platforms like when you click on an ad it takes you the Page or the chat window of the respective brand. The brands have started to realize the value of social messaging apps and networks to have a good presence there by direct communication with the users.
The News Time
This year and so on more and more people especially the millennials are turning towards the social media as their main source of news instead of newspapers, radio or television. Get a grip on the social media to share your voice all over.
Facebook Live Is Alive
It is no more about the daily post or creating unique content; social media is now taking it to the higher level by showing up everything in real time with live videos, a better way to stay connected to the online users. Social videos have much more engagement than any other content format and have been responsible for much growth on Facebook-Live. Not only this, Facebook live videos are covering major events for the people who are not able to attend it.
What Twitter Has In The Future
We have heard the demise of Twitter lately, but the algorithms update suggest us to use Twitter to reach out to people openly, rather than only as a medium to just broadcast your message to everyone. Twitter is at its boom connecting millions of users with simple hashtags.
Paid Advertisements Are Booming
Though Google prefers organic reach the most over the next few years but there are a large number of highly paid marketing campaigns is in the trend. The companies have already experienced the potential of paid marketing which is reaping good results. Most website design companies are into paid advertisements via all social networks. It is predictable that in the next few years, there will be a much larger number of highly paid marketing campaigns. Companies have already practiced the potential of paid marketing and many are jumping the bandwagon. Reflecting the fact the social media platforms will reduce the organic visibility of the brands while letting them have exclusively paid rights to the social media.
Obligating Video Advertisement
With improvements in the internet quality, it is now the high time for GIFs and videos to gain popularity over the social media marketing. Visuals are always appealing than written content, and so brands are making videos to rule the internet world. Companies are also working with the idea of virtual reality and augmented reality to give their potential clients a better feel for what is in store for them.
Every single thing is over the chatbots now. As soon as you go to a Facebook page, chatbots are ever ready to assist the online users. This quick communication with the users over social media apps or networks have made the marketing struggle of the brands much easier as before.
What You Have For 2017?
Just posting content directly would be considered as rented and you will not be having control over the outcome whereas putting in fresh content in words, videos and posts are deemed to be owned and give you good control over the content to make a strong brand’s performance.

About Loius Martin:
As a Marketing Manager, Loius approaches Digital Marketing not only as a profession but a creative thinking process. He knows well to connect all the points of a brand and make it appear well. With a passion for writing about content marketing, design and development he has been writing blogs since time. Get more of his articles @loiusmartin1

CONTEST – No Fee Poetry

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Patricia Crandall, author of Melrose, Then and Now, a historical volume, I Passed This Way, a poetry collection, The Dog Men, a thriller, Tales of an Upstate New York Bottle Miner, non-fiction, and Pat's Collectibles, a collection of short stories. She is writing a y/a thriller about child sex trafficking titled The Red Gondola and the Cova.

Linda Barnett-Johnson, Virtual Assistant for authors. She writes for Writers on the Move, has been published on Long Story Short and other online ezines as well as a story in The Color Gallery, an anthology of World’s Great Short Stories. She enjoys writing short stories and poetry.

The contest starts now, so get your creative writing caps on.

Please post it on Patricia Crandall’s Author Page –
The contest will end December 31, 2017. The winning poem will be announced January 31, 2018

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Grow your business in days not years

Grow your business in days not years
Just love it. Started reading Own Your Value and I am  ALREADY MOTIVATED!  I have truly enjoy working with you and will be putting you on next project with me immediately! Thank you for everything you have done with my customers and me.  —Tricia Verbois, Enterprise Account Manager, Cisco

In Own Your Value, you get a ring-side seat to meet more than 40 innovators who are friends, clients, and supporters. Their stories from our field experience are examples of real-world experiences you can relate to that are relevant to your challenges.  You will walk alongside them through the four levels of our proven research based model, the Flow Value Model. By applying this model to our work over the last 15 years, we're able to give you insight for immediate action.
These innovators are the real heroes, and this is a small part of their heroes' journey toward success. 
As you move through their journey, you will feel their excitement and experience the feelings of enthusiasm, fear, joy, and success. You will then Own Your Value, and see how it can help you be successful and make the connection to your life, community, and career!

PO Box 1223
Conifer Colorado 80433-1223

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Monday, November 13, 2017

She was rescued by her breath!

She was rescued by her breath!
This is an amazing, powerful, and well-written book about a subject that I never knew existed, but that captivated me from the get-go. I learned things about breathing that I will incorporate in my own life -- and that will stick with me for the rest of it. The writing is completely honest and touching, especially in the portions of the manuscript that relate to childhood abuse and challenging family dynamics.   ~Bill Worth, Author

  Rescued by my Breath is Natazha's real-life respiratory fairytale. It depicts how Natazha transformed her suicidal breathing habits. Instead of suffocating and sabotaging herself, she began truly loving herself. That enabled her to recover from trauma, reconcile with her Mom, and live happily ever after with her prince charming.

   Natazha felt compelled to write Rescued by my Breath after her Mom died. Witnessing her Mom's life-long struggle to breathe due to allergies, asthma, emphysema, and lung cancer taught her to profoundly value breathing.
     Her story reveals we all have the power to heal ourselves through our respiration. Rescued by my Breath teaches you how to befriend your breath in order to discover the root causes of your ailments to become stronger, healthier, and happier.
PO Box 1223
Conifer Colorado 80433-1223

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Born to Heal

Born to Heal
God lives inside me
There is only one way to describe the book I Am and the Spirit Walks with Me, genius! Never before have I identified with a book the way I identified with this one. The stories told by the author are so real that reading this book virtually transported me to the author's world. The whole story was about turning my negative experiences into my healing points, motivators and a source of motivation for other people. Reading about someone else's nasty past experience convinced me that I cannot use the things that happened to me in the past as alibis for failure.

The most beautiful thing about the book is in the messages about finding God and finding peace within through the knowledge that God is within me. I recommend this book to anyone who  feels like they have had a difficult past or know anyone who feels like they have. Great book!
~Hope Baraka
In my book, I share a variety of examples that are real life-related events, and how each negative event created negative brain patterns. Negative experiences can be transformed into positive brain patterns which create a healthier way of living, and open spiritual pathways toward higher consciousness.

It feels great to be in a state of awareness, and consciousness to know where my life is heading. The things that impacted my life that kept me closed up for so many years no longer have a hold on me. It wasn't always that way. I had taken on victim energy, and through my transformation, I learned how to release this energy and regain my power. Overcoming these traumas has opened my heart to sharing information as a healing tool for many other people.

My goal is to reach and transform as many lives as possible to awaken other people to this same level of consciousness, one soul at a time tarting with mine. I am inspired and motivated by the outer realms of my mind that which I see but may not yet be visible to others. I try to stay open at all times to receive new information to deliver to those who are open to new possibilities and want to receive healing for the body-mind-spirit.
PO Box 1223
Conifer Colorado 80433-1223

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Friday, November 10, 2017

Help Sharon Cassano Lochman get to #1 - $3.99 ebook

"A resonant and insightful story that crackles with authenticity and suspense. I felt as though I was right there, on that ice-fishing adventure alongside Tanner and Richie." --Kate Angelella

Twelve-year-old Tanner Phillips fishes the Oneida Lake Ice Fishing Derby every year with his dad. Last year, he ruined everything -- losing the competition and losing some of his grandfather's gear. This year, Tanner is determined to not only prove his skills on the ice, but also show his dad, once and for all, that he's no longer a little kid.
But as soon as they get out on the ice, the competition turns dis-astrous. 
When one of the competitors goes missing and another gets injured, Tanner's father must leave Tanner and his new friend, Richie, alone on the ice. After their ice hut comes unhitched, Tanner and Richie find themselves blown across the frozen lake in a blinding snowstorm. 

Alone. Without their cell phones. Trapped, on thin ice. Suddenly, it isn't just about the winning the derby -- it's about life and death. In one perilous night, Tanner will have to prove not to his father, but to himself, that he has the courage and determination to survive.

PO Box 1223
Conifer Colorado 80433-1223

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Monday, November 6, 2017

Let's Talk About Rejections

Let’s face it, we all hate receiving the words, “Thank you for sending in your submission, but we didn’t accept it.”

You might get an explanation for the reason why, or you may not. If you received the reason then check it over carefully. Do you understand what they are trying to tell you about your story? Did you try to make sense of it, or did you just get mad and throw it away?

Hopefully, you didn’t get mad and throw it away. At least save it. Put it with a copy of your story and put it away for now. Here are a few tips to help you with rejections.

·         Take a deep cleansing breath and GET OVER IT! Don’t let it take over your every thought. Don’t let it stigmatize your thoughts and fingers to continue writing. Don’t speak negatively to yourself. Think positive thoughts… “That’s just one person’s opinion.”
·         Did you follow the instructions to the key? Did they ask for a Cover Letter and you didn’t comply? You must make sure you follow instructions that each publisher requests. Not all publishers are the same. Maybe it was rejected because it didn’t fit their magazine/ezine. Did you see if they have a theme you must write about?
·         Think positive. You’ve rewritten your story and it’s perfect. Now look for a home for it. There are many online paying markets you can find. Here’s one for freelancers: If you want fiction markets: I like Fiction Factor because they have a plethora of different genres to choose from.
·         Send to more than one publisher the same story. But make sure the publisher will accept submissions to other publishers. You can probably bet that someone will like your story or article. If not, keep submitting until one does accept it, or you write a new story/article. Sometimes, it’s just getting it in on the right day, when the editor is in a good mood. *smile*
·         REJECTION – Is just a nine-letter word that can either stunt you from your writing, or push you to better heights. I’m betting you’ll be pushed to your highest level and move on. Don’t fear that word, but learn from the editor’s that may take the time to give you great feedback. We can only hope!
Keep writing and submitting. You’ll forget that nine-letter word when you receive a better word, ACCEPTED. You'll be smiling all the way to the bank.

Linda Barnett-Johnson, is a Virtual Assistant for authors and enjoys writing poetry, short stories, and making up quotes. Many of her articles and poetry have been published. She’s a former editor, former assistant editor of Long Story Short ezine, former administrative director of Long Story Short School of Writing. You can locate her website here: She also posts new books, writing articles and author interviews on her blog:  Always looking for guest bloggers that would post writing tips, articles and anything to do with writing.