Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Mystical Aria, Seeking the Gallion Queen


"Many compare Guthrie's novel to the endearing kid-meets-alien theme in 
Steven Spielberg's E.T." ~ David Thalberg
Aria Vanir, psychic 12-year-old girl from Virginia Beach, trusts only her mother with the knowledge of her predictions and remote viewings. When Aria connects with technically and spiritually advanced aliens—the Gallions—she instead confides in her best friend, Tommy Manger. His unexpected anger threatens to end their friendship. 

Nashata, Queen Supreme of the Gallions, leads a diplomatic mission with her royal family to Earth so she can make peaceful contact with Aria. The queen trusts only this "youngirl" with the secrets of her people. 

When the Gallions beam Aria, Tommy, and Aria's tomboyish teen sister, Jackie, aboard their spaceship, Aria's typically passive mother makes a daring move to save her daughters. None of them realize that the military has sent Aria's Navy SEAL father, William, on a mission to capture the good aliens or destroy their spaceship. Worse, William has no idea that he's putting his daughters and their friend in harm's way.

Can Aria succeed in her quest to meet the alien queen in person, despite the fears and disbeliefs of those closest to her? 


Aria Vanir breezed through her seventh-grade homework to focus on far more important matters. While many of her friends and neighbors gathered at the Virginia Beach boardwalk to admire the amber and ruby rays from the setting sun, Aria preferred to gaze through her bedroom window at the darkening heavens. For her, twilight welcomed the dawn of the stars. On this clear evening in late May 2028, Aria mindlessly tapped her fingers against the top of her transmission binder, or tBinder, as she wondered who lived among those twinkling orbs.


How could a human youngirl on Earth, the queen wondered, know so much about the land of the Gallions? Of all the aliens, why would Aria specifically invite the Gallions to visit her? Could this be the sign I've been waiting for?


"I'll never ever talk to aliens," Aria promised herself. The struggle of keeping their secrets and defending their existence was too painful. "Never again."

Mitushi gazed at the puddles of water on the floor. Red lines of blood flowed into them and spread in different directions. It reminded him of veins in a human body and how vulnerable men and women are to the weapons mankind had designed. 


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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Conquering Stress is the Real Fountain of Youth

Conquering Stress: The Real Fountain of Youth, is a masterfully written introduction to the one-of-a-kind P.E.A.C.E. Stress Management System® developed by renowned speaker, life coach and Healer to the Doctors, Kimberly Palm, as a thoughtfully crafted, comprehensive examination of precisely what the definition of stress really is and how it effects every human being on the planet. 

Created as a mindful, research-driven guide, Kimberly gives you unique information and insights about stress and how it really affects you. Offering practical tools and materialConquering Stress: The Real Fountain of Youth, gives the reader a never before seen guide and proprietary program that allows you to truly conquer thousands of types of stress. This book teaches you the various types of stress, how to recognize stress, pinpoint the causes, determine how it is impacting your life and your health - and gives you meaningful tools that you can use TODAY to prevent, reduce, eradicate and conquer stress completely.  

P.O. Box 676
Duvall WA 98019

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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Feather Schwartz Foster, Author of "The First Ladies...An Intimate Portrait"

  Feather Schwartz Foster:  Author of "THE FIRST LADIES…An Intimate Portrait" & "LADIES:  A Conjecture of Personalities" ….


"Mary Lincoln's Flannel Pajamas 
and other stories from the First Ladies' Closet"

Working its way through the editing process

VOTE FOR THE COVER DESIGN:   Click here!   Go to Koehler Books website and vote your choice of covers for "Mary Lincoln's Flannel Pagamas…." 

Next month will feature a sneak preview, pre-ordering information, book launch events and other "stuff." 

Thursday, February 25:  The Virginia Peninsula Military Officers Assoc. of America

Feather Schwartz Foster to speak on "The Generals' Wives" at their monthly luncheon.

 Christopher Newport class schedule

Wednesdays, between January 27 and February 24 
12:45  2 PM

Christopher Wren (William and Mary) classes 

Thursdays, between March 17 and 31
9:30  11:30 AM
The Colonial First Ladies, The Civil Wr Divas and the First Ladies of the 1920s!  

Upcoming signings

Saturday, February 13  10 AM  2 PM  – William &Mary Bookstore, Williamsburg, VA

Saturday, February 27  10 AM  2 PM  – William &Mary Bookstore, Williamsburg, VA

If you are in the neighborhood – stop in and say hello!

Check out my latest blog articles at                                 Mary Lincoln's Old Clothes  she tried to sell them                                   TR and the White House Gang  Teddy and his kids!                                 Abigail Fillmore and the White House Library  You should know more!                                   Thomas Jefferson & The Tripoli Pirates: A Book Review  Great read!

All VERY nifty stories!  You will enjoy them!

Thursday, January 28, 2016

She worried she was dying. It was a parasite from her puppy that nearly killed her!

Giardiasis is a devastating illness that starts with digestive symptoms but can spread and can cause hormonal imbalance, fatigue, allergies, skin rashes, swollen lymph glands, leaky gut, muscle pain & arthritis. Giardia infection may also cause an overgrowth of yeast or bacteria in the
 small intestine, producing symptoms. 

How is it possible to love the thing that almost ends your life? Three days after the arrival of "Buddy," an adorable Golden Retriever puppy, Tracey Berkowitz's picture perfect life shatters. Almost overnight, she looks horrible, feels horrible and has no idea why. 

Not My Buddy is a love story between one woman and the dog who restores her spirit while she finds her way toward health. Over the course of five years, Tracey Berkowitz and her family spend more than $80,000 on a team of 16 health care professionals and, at one point, 132 pills per day, while they seek a diagnosis and treatment for this mysterious illness.

Taken to the brink of bankruptcy and divorce and incapacitated as a mother, Tracey removes the masks that contributed to her dis-ease, leaving her vulnerable, terrified, and headed on a collision course with her soul's true purpose: to help those suffering from chronic giardiasis—ironically "the gift" from the dog who teaches her self-love.
PO Box 1223, Conifer, CO 80433

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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The Modern Woman by Catherine MacDonald

It's 1923. Burlesque and jazz are the rage. Alcohol is banned, but the country is drinking bathtub gin. The war is over. Women are allowed to vote, hemlines are rising, and women are smoking and performing striptease in clubs. A new modern woman is emerging. One who is politically active, works for wages, and is interested in her sexuality.  Seventeen-year-old Lily Diamond, whose mother is dead and father abusive, in order to survive, is working in one of Kansas City's premier speakeasies. There is a commotion at the front entrance and Lily looks that way. The door bursts open and a swarm of police rush in swinging their black clubs in the air and yelling, "Raid!" A tall portly officer blew his whistle and yells, "No one leave the room. You're all under arrest."

Thursday, January 21, 2016

ATale of Vengeance Set Against the Worst Hurricane in Louisiana History

Derrick Cameaux shouted into the night, "WHY?" His only answer was the echo of his question reverberating around the dark emptiness. Now, seemingly without any fortitude or desire to subdue his grief, his weeping turned into loud, wailing cries of sorrow. His very soul had been forever branded by an indelible iron, and something had happened to Derrick that night. At his darkest moment, from the deepest recesses of his grief, the first sign of a different emotion had been implanted--vengeance. Unexpectedly, a cool breeze swept across his face as though to wipe away his tears and restore his composure. Though his grief was still present, he was vitally aware that he was alive and there were people depending on him. He would not let them down!

"Very hard to put down! The details of every scene make you feel like you are right beside the characters. The reader can smell, see and hear the action! It combines love of family/friends and one's heritage; romance and mystery; and an evil thread. I anticipated a different ending, but was surprised, if not shocked, by it. Not being an avid reader, I'm so glad that I did not miss this read! It was hard in the most suspenseful parts not to read too quickly and miss the very vivid descriptions the author so craftily wove into this book. I look forward to a sequel!" ~Ang

"This is one you can't put down!!! The twists and turns keep you turning the pages, waiting to see what happens! Unto the Last Seed is an exciting historical fiction novel that contains vivid descriptions by the author that make you believe that you have been transported into the heart of Cajun Country!!! From the beautiful serene swamps to the pesky mosquito's, you feel it all!!! Can't wait for the next novel by this up and coming author!!! Craig J. Leonard, Sr. has now become one of my favorites!!!" ~ Nicole Wells

PO Box 1223, Conifer, CO 80433

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Friday, January 15, 2016

Learn the real inside scoop on how to survive divorce


The Divorce Dance takes you through the journey and more. Through the eyes of a divorcing couple we experience the truth about divorce. The Divorce Dance provides a detailed step-by-step analysis of almost every aspect of divorce. 

Learn about:
  • Choosing the right attorney 
  • How to negotiate a resolution of property 
  • How to negotiate custody
  • How to negotiate support
Handlings of complex financial issues 
  • Loss carryforward
  • Defined benefit plans 
  • Net spendable income 
What you learn from Jim and Natalie's (fictional) divorce will have a pro- found impact on the resolution of your own divorce. The Divorce Dance will provide the building blocks you and your family will need to build a new life.