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Interview With Author Floriana Hall

Q. Please tell us a little about yourself, your background and any important accomplishments. (If you have a website, book(s), etc., please list them and tell us about them.)

I was born in Pittsburgh, Pa. to a saintly mother and a father who I remember as loving the first seven years of my life. When I was five years old, he was hit by a streetcar and told us he had a tumor on the brain. There were other circumstances involved but he changed after that accident. Of course, the Great Depression had something to do with us moving eleven times to different cities and changing schools. We were all happy children regardless of the lack of food and the necessities of life when our father was gone for weeks at a time. Our mother baked homemade bread and even though there was not much else to eat, we never starved. She gave us her share of food when needed.
Throughout the years, she was our rock who taught us manners, morals, character and cleanliness. She taught us to forgive…

Varolo Village

Hello friends,

I would love for you to join me on Varolo Village. Watch the short video and then sign up, it's free. You have a good chance of making some money with me. Check it out and see what you think.

Have a great day,

Linda Barnett-Johnson
Editor/Virtual Assistant

Author and Writer Interviews


I will be doing author and writer interviews on this blog page. Anyone that joins, will be asked to be interviewed. Of course, you can decline. But it's a place where you can share with your friends and link to your websites.

You will be asked individually and the interviews will stay in the archives for at least, one year, if not more. I will make that decision.

I will send you an email asking - "I would like to interview you."

Thank you all.

Linda Barnett-Johnson
Editor/Virtual Assistant

PS I will probably link that to my own website too.
I will also ping it and get the word out about the interview. Hopefully it will draw others here to read about your writing and book(s).


PayBox This is really going to be big. Get in on the ground floor of this new enterprise. I started with $50.00 in my bank when I joined (free), and now I have over $112.00! There are jobs too. All you have to do is take some very simple surveys and tell your friends. How easy is that?


Affiliate Programs You Might Want to Check Out

Hello friends,

I have been delving into joining some affiliates that would help me and you to receive an income. I have found a couple you can check out right now.

1) PayBox.Me (You get $50.00 right up front and can make extra money when you do some easy projects and invite friends.) Get in on the ground floor today. You may not get a second chance at this one.

2) MyTeamBuild - Where Internet Income and Social Networking Collide! (Lots of affiliates to join on this one.) There is a one-time membership fee of $19.95. I went ahead an joined. You can use credit cards or paypal.

3) Cha-Ching - Got ChaChing is a T.E.A.M. Social Networking Site. Got ChaChing Educates, Markets, Advertises and Promote YOU and Your Business(es).

I will share more with you as I go about my research. I am also looking for social networks to join. I'll share those at a later date.

Have a great day.


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