Friday, July 29, 2016

Love Never Dies: How to Reconnect and Make Peace with the Deceased


Love Never Dies: How to Reconnect and Make Peace with the Deceased

"When we experience loss we need good therapy, which Dr. Turndorf is providing in Love Never Dies. Your new therapeutic techniques are amazing! She shows us the way to heal our hearts and find lasting love."

—John Gray, Ph.D., #1 NY Times bestselling New York Times best-selling author of Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus

Dr. Jamie Turndorf (aka Dr. Love), world renowned relationship expert and founder of and Ask Dr. Love  Radio tells the amazing true story of her spiritual reconnection with her deceased husband…

And shows you how to re-establish your own connection with anyone who has passed…And how to make peace if needed.

"When I came to Dr. Turndorf, I was drowning in grief. It had been years and I was still irrationally angry with my daughter for dying and leaving me. A formerly devout Catholic, I had turned my back on God too. Dr. Turndorf told me that reconnecting to my daughter in spirit would eliminate my anger, because I'd realize that she's never left me. I was skeptical but I allowed myself to trust Dr. Turndorf and open to her method. And, voila, my daughter has been with me ever since. My anger is gone and my heart is filled with joy and hope for the first time in years. Use her method and you will find peace too. Thank you, thank, you, Dr. Turndorf!"
— Christine H.

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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Learn about home selling in the digital age

Learn about home selling in the digital age
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This book is such a great source of knowledge. The author had been through both buying and selling a home and she had immense experience and helpful tips when it comes to real estate. This book explains in details how to buy a home and what the best options are, how to sell a home and the different options that are available. Because knowing is half the battle. The more we know and understand about all the different options that are available to us, and learn which one is the best fit, the more relief we feel when making a decision. Short sell, buying, selling, mortgage, and all of the real estate lingo that we get confused with are thoroughly explained in this book. ~J. Hunter
We all have a place we call home.  Whether it is a sprawling mansion or a cozy mobile home... our home is our castle.  As an owner it could be the place where your children grew up or where you wrote that novel you always said you would.  As a buyer it is an exciting adventure into the great unknown.  No matter what, it is often the place of our cherished memories. 

Buying and selling a house can be a powerfully emotional time.  Often we face situations during the home purchase process that makes you wonder, "Has anyone else dealt with that before?"   The Art of Real Estate in the Digital Age is a real life experience for anyone from a new 20-something first time home buyer to a seasoned homeowner dealing with buying or selling their house in today's digital world.  

Critically circulated throughout this book are anecdotes of experiences that a professional is thrust into and forced to resolve."Look, Listen, Learn" known as the 3 L's strategy take another wise simplistic approach and identify the importance of sophisticated marketing. If you want to conquer the real estate maze in the digital age, sit down, open the cover and be prepared to expand your mind.

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Tuesday, July 26, 2016


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Thursday, July 21, 2016

Imagine being locked in an invisible box...and you're invisible, too

Subject: Imagine being locked in an invisible box...and you're invisible, too

Imagine being locked in an invisible box...and you're invisible, too
 If you like Dan Brown, Michael Crichton, or Clive Cussler'll enjoy this amazing trilogy.
The US military is in a panic when drones are inexplicably seized mid-miss  military contacts the National Counterterrorism Center (NCTC). Adam Dekker, their special operator, is sent to discover the source of this strange attack.

Dekker recognizes signs of his old enemy, Abaddon, who he defeated in Germany. He finds that the spirit of Abaddon is still in the world and has found a new host in an Egyptian mystic, Kamenwati.

Dekker and his new partner, British SIS agent Hannah Ahmed, must follow slim leads to find Kamenwati whom Dekker believes is the source of the drone seizures. Through a series of trials and escapes, Dekker and Hannah find a mutual attraction that surprises them both.

Dekker and Hannah follow a trail of clues from Egypt to Ft. Bragg in North Carolina, central command for US drone operations. Kamenwati is there as well and in an effort to protect his plan to pit West against East, he fabricates a supernatural Merlin Box to entrap Dekker for decades, even centuries.

Dekker's friends must search for a way to penetrate the Merlin Box and free him before Kamenwati's scheme is realized. There is only one problem: the Merlin Box and its captive are invisible.

The tension grows as Dekker becomes less likely to escape the Merlin Box, and Kamenwati's plan to plunge the world into war approaches a frightening reality.

Continuing to mix bleeding edge technology with the mystique of ancient Egypt, Miller once again immerses the reader in a story of his own unique brew… of mysticism and potential world-domination by an ancient force of evil that continues to plague humanity. Fast-paced, laced with political intrigue and cinematic with images of the Egyptian desert and Stonehenge as the backdrop – the main characters fight for both their own survival and mankind's – the novel takes us into the laboratory of the military's weapons scientists and engineers…and to places that we never new existed. Can't wait for the next installment – or, for the screenplay to make it to Hollywood and hit the big screen as the next summer blockbuster! ~Steve Appel
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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Of the Flame poetry reads like a smoking bowl of hot chilis

"Wendy E. Slater's new volume of poetry, Of the Flame, reads like a smoking bowl of hot chilis right of the griddle. Consider this, 'Who is omniscient / Lies in wait / On the porch / To eat your ego alive,' and further, 'The unfolding / Is in the forest of my love, / Mysterious uncharted territory.' Profound, gutsy, full of life and a thoroughly enjoyable read. Full of passion and flame, indeed. Highly recommended." 
—JOHN A. PERKS, author of The Mahasiddha and His Idiot Servant Ven. Seonaidh Perks, Celtic Buddhist Lineage 

"Once again Wendy E. Slater turns her unique poetic talents, her gritty voice and her lyrical intensity to an exploration of the self, in contexts that demand a cunning navigation between the longing for companionship and the need for independence, between contemporary society's false glitter with its plastic wrapped apparent perfection and the true beauty that the mind demands but also fears. Hers is a world of shopping malls and tigers, AstroTurf and mountains, mud puddles and flame, contrasts that fuse into a powerfully rewarding poetic whole." 
—ROSEMARY LLOYD, Litt.D (Cambridge), scholar and translator, and author of Baudelaire's World 



"Wendy E. Slater revels in all aspects of love. Love between people—love's longings -- the bittersweet aspects of loving -- even the forgiving parts of love. Using short choppy lines in forceful poetics, she explains her feelings, her wishes and the boundaries of love. She describes the 'Coral majesty of fishes / In ecstatic hues / Of tropical vibration' and 'A bouquet / Of spring flowers / All ways / Click Here!RUnfolding in the Breath's / Sacred exhale' in terms of life itself. Ms. Slater successfully writes with intelligence and knowledge about the feelings and interactions between people and their effects on one another. She reaches the core and uncovers the basis. Each reader will relate to her words based on their own lives. We will all benefit from her poems providing this insight. To sum up this latest book of Poems, Wendy E. Slater writes about humanity with a ceaseless and challenging purpose." 
—D.R. DEUTSCH, Poet-In-Residence, Port Chester, Rye Brook Public Library ​​​​​​​
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Sunday, July 17, 2016

If you loved To Kill a Mockingbird, you'll love this book!

"Paul H. Yarbrough has totally captured the South. Seeing life through the eyes of a young boy was perfect. The writer's genius and wonderful wit came through to my heart. ~ Catherine
Mississippi Cotton
In 1951 the body of an unknown white man is found in the Mississippi river along the Mississippi Delta. Two black men discover it while fishing. A young boy, Jake Conner, visits his country cousins in the small Delta town of Cotton City and begins parallel journeys discovering the dead man's identity and fate. Along the journey Jake befriends a stalwart black man recently back from the Korean War, who teaches him that Confederates were gray because they were merged in the black and white of Mississippi. 

He learns of dark forces of the past, and with the camaraderie of his family, the acquaintance of a simple-minded sharecropper, and the eccentricities of a strange woman from the past, also gets a look into the future of the agrarian land of Mississippi. 

Although the focal point in MISSISSIPPI COTTON is the Mississippi Delta, the story is more broadly a Southern story, which is to say an agrarian story. From the beginning, the North and South have been different worlds: The South the agrarian society, the North the navigation society. Nothing wrong with being either, but that s the way it has been. So when I write about Mississippi, specifically, I write about the South generally and an agrarian society generally.​

​"Reading this story of young Jake and his friends and the mystifying world of the adults was almost like tearing pages out of my own past and weaving a darn good story around them. I hope that Paul Yarbrough will continue to write books such as this one. This is a 10-star book and one heck of an excellent first novel. I'll be looking for his future works. Mr. Paul Yarbrough, you done yourself good. Keep writing. Everyone else, if you want a good clean story about what growing up was like in much of America for most boys in the 1950's then this is the book you'll want to read." ~Thriller Junkie
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Thursday, July 7, 2016

Extortionists threaten to poison the food in a large restaurant chain


Extortionists threaten to poison the food in a large restaurant chain
Extortionists threaten to poison the food in a large restaurant chain unless they are paid eight million dollars. Winston Barber is a hardworking, family man who is tortured by the choices he faces. If he borrows the money, the ensuing debt will drown his family. Should he just close up shop and leave creditors and employees out in the cold? It shakes him to the core to acquiesce to the extortion demands.

The team of FBI agents led by Agent Peters means will, but they are snookered at every turn. The extortionists manage to collect the money and leave no trail. But they kill one of their own and now they have the attention of Detective Jack Nebra. 

The FBI loses an agent, the money is gone, a little girl is dead, and now so are all their suspects
. They close their case. But it's not over yet. Not by a long shot. They should take lessons from Nebra and dig deeper and dig wider. 

"A diabolical but creative crime perpetrated by increasingly​ dysfunctional villains...always a good mix! Twists and turns as the good guys struggle to deal with the crisis...sometimes successfully, other times not so much. A fascinating read." ~  Rodney page, author of MURCHESON COUNTY

"A gripping premise with a sense of urgency that keeps the pages turning." ~ Dan Lawton, author of DECEPTION and OPERATION SALAZAR

"Dig Deeper, Dig Wider uses a uniquely imaginative premise to drive a story packed with evil, extortion and creative money laundering on its way to a surprising and satisfying conclusion". 
~  Frank Foster, Best Selling Author of the Boca series and Catch a Falling Knife
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