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It's that simple

Read more. Do you have all the things you want?
Does it seem like you work so much harder than others, but they seem to have so much more?
Is the world against you, or is it just bad luck?

Maybe it's neither.
Most people believe that what they think, how they feel, and what they do are a function of their place in the word – the cards they were dealt, and they must play them. The truth is that it works the other way around. The conditions in your life are a result of how you manage it. Someone said, "When you change, the world around you changes." It's all about your personal mindset.
So, are you ready to let go of the beliefs that are holding you back?
There are three pillars that support our life on this earth – thoughts, feelings, and actions. These are the elements that make up The Process of Living.
Every form of human communication is the result of thought and/or feeling. So, knowledge of "The Process of Living" will make you a much more effective co…