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How an Author’s Blog Enhances Book Promotion Efforts by Sue Chehrenegar (guest blogger)

Recall a time when you felt sad about reaching the end of a book. You wanted to stay longer in the world inhabited by the book’s characters. In other words, you had experienced positive feelings while reading that particular publication. When a reader experiences such positive feelings, that same person has acquired something of real value from what he or she has read. The delivery of positive feelings represents one of five basic ways by which an author can offer something of real value to readers. A blog can be used to offer readers a taste of the valuable nature of an author’s work. A blog might also be used to demonstrate a book’s possession of other characteristics that would seem valuable in a reader’s mind. For instance, an author’s recollections might trigger pleasant memories in the mind of the reader. Hence, recollections that mirror those in a book can demonstrate the value of the volume that contains those same recollections. In that way, a recollection on a blog can be used…

Miracles Happen Everyday! Uncover the Mystery of Miracles

Miracles Happen Everyday! Uncover the Mystery of MiraclesRead more. Share: ​

Roseanne Dowell, Author (Guest Blogger)

I live in a make believe world. Okay, not literally, but vicariously through my characters. I decide where they live, name their towns, or sometimes I let them live in a real city/town.I prefer small towns, maybe because I’ve always wanted to live in one. I especially like towns with Victorian houses and apparently so do my characters, because I use them a lot.I often say I must have lived during the Victorian area, probably as a mean old nanny. I’m sure I wasn’t the lady of the house, and by house I mean mansion. Queen Anne Victorian homes are my favorite. I love the round turrets, all the gingerbread, and wrap around porches. It was always my dream to buy one and restore it. Unfortunately that wasn’t to be and I’m past the point of wanting one now.
Back to my make believe world. I’d like to say I choose my characters, but truthfully, they choose me.  Sometimes I even get to name them, but if they don’t like the name, well believe me, they misbehave until I change it. And, yes, that’s…

Awards Are Publicity Gold by Carolyn Howard-Johnson (Guest Blogger)

Awards Are Publicity Gold By Carolyn Howard-Johnson,
author of the multi award-winning book,
The Frugal Book Promoter, now in its second edition It is award season once again. It's exciting to see many of my author friends' books win, place, or show. I hope they remember that--way back when the first edition of The Frugal Book Promoter was published--I told them their book doesn't have to be a top winner for the success to be newsworthy. Nothing has changed since then. Media editors still see awards as anything from a sure-fire feature story to a filler. But I fear that many authors still don't utilize their awards to their fullest potential. A list of things authors should do with their awards once they've won them appeared in the first edition of The Frugal Book Promoter and, because that information is so important, it appears in the just-released second edition (, too. Here is the list authors (or folks…

Looking for Guest Bloggers

I am looking for Guest Bloggers that will post articles about the following: 

social networking
book reviews
book promoting
marketing your books
author interviews
book tours

Contact me at 
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Email Body: Propose your article.

Thank you,
Linda Barnett-Johnson
Editor/Virtual Assistant for Authors

Call For Submissions for The Inkitt Community

Writing contest for Mystery / Thriller authors: Fated Paradox, Inkitt’s latest contest is open for submissions!

The Inkitt community Inkitt is a free writing platform that helps authors reach their full potential. Users collaborate with fellow writers and readers to give each other feedback and improve their work. Inkitt’s vision is to help writers get the exposure they deserve and the publishing deals they covet, without having to jump through the fiery hoops of traditional publishing or wade in the shark-infested waters of self-publishing. They are opening a newwriting contest for entries in June. Fated Paradox -  Mystery and Thriller contest The theme for the contest is “Fated Paradox: Tales of gripping suspense”. They want you to keep them on the edge of their seats with your best mystery and thriller stories. Submit accounts of murders and red herrings, or have them biting their nails over stories full of adrenaline and espionage. Leave them breathless with your tales of unmatched su…

Contest Winners of 2014 Creative Writer's Notebook Short Story

To all who entered the 2014 Creative Writer’s Notebook Short Story Contest, here are the winners and honorable mentions. Thank you for entering and congratulations to all whose entries are named on this list. I will need you to send me the digital Word file of your short story as soon as possible along with your bio (updated if I already have one on file because of other contests). If your story or other entries did not make the list this time, please keep trying. The 2015 Short Story Contest begins shortly and you have until Jan 31, 2016 to get your entries in. I will send out the guidelines later this month. Again, thank you all for entering. The Judges’ comments and scores will be forthcoming. Mary Lois Mary Lois Sanders Publisher/Managing Editor Creative Writer’s Notebook Court Jester Publications 2014 CWN Short Story Contest Winners and Honorable Mentions FIRST The Bunker DOYLE, Mike SECOND Grimm PETRO,…