Thursday, December 17, 2015

Laurin Bellg's new book is out: Near Death in the ICU

A phenomenal collection of medical patient accounts of encounters with the mysterious during severe illness and life-threatening injury from the voice of the physician who took care of them. Both touching and thought-provoking, this book invites you to reconsider what happens when we die, and in doing so, challenges you to ponder that perhaps we are much more than our earth-bound physical bodies. 

Near-death experiences are often profoundly meaningful, yet when they are reported, they are frequently met with skepticism and dismissal by medical caregivers and family members. But do we have to fully understand these events to honor the transformative role they often play in the lives of those who experience them? Do we need to prove they are something more than the result of illness, medication or a dying brain to acknowledge their power to impact lives in a positive way?

For nearly twenty years, Dr. Laurin Bellg has been present at the bedside of critically ill and dying patients. As she has worked to create an accepting and supportive relationship with them, her patients have shared with her the mysterious experiences they sometimes have during moments of crisis of apparently seeing beyond our physical world. In telling their engaging, powerful and sometimes humorous stories, Dr. Bellg invites the reader to consider that bearing witness to a patient's near-death experience is a respectful and meaningful part of medical care, a way for families to support their loved ones, and an important part of the patient's healing.

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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Gone Girl lovers take note!


At first The Last American Novel glides you along like a summer read – a mysterious visitor, a forbidden flirtation, a quiet curious death on a small Maine island, a traditional fishing village and burgeoning summer retreat for writers, artists, and agents of the ruling class. The narrator, Ian Sippsac, is a 20-year-old genius and the embodiment of his generation – restless, funny, offensive, and tender – a recent college graduate working on the island mail boat while weighing a future in a damaged world he might not be able to navigate but is determined to expose. 

Ian becomes infatuated with a beautiful enigmatic 35-year-old, one of three editors on retreat to decide the final book to be published by a famed and dying American publishing house. When the celebrity daughter of the publisher drowns on the grounds of her summer estate, Ian is drawn into a murder investigation that reaches into the world of contemporary art, national politics, and international commerce before careening back into the buried secrets of his island home, his family's past, and his own identity. 


"Because it's different. Or at least it's trying. Too much of today's fiction is like mime, these contortions over peeling an invisible banana, this struggling inside a box that isn't there. 

"The smallness and sameness of too many novels is the smallness and sameness that afflicts our culture overall--the relentless modern headlock--and it's this same smallness and sameness, this outsourcing of human identity to 'global' convention, that is at the root of my narrator's perplexing (and, I hope, moving and funny) mental condition."  - Ronn Howland

"Books shouldn't be printed television." ~ Jeanette Winterson

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Wrapped in God's Grace by Barbara Bras


The crushing pain of seven years of unanswered prayer for a child. A miraculous adoption story, followed by unforeseen challenges and heartbreak.

Barbara Bras begins her memoir by sharing God's answer to her prayers and the difficult times that followed. Although God does not provide an easy fix, the intricacies of God's plans reveal themselves to her, and she relives her life in a new light. 

Bras then recounts the stories of her grandfather Arshag and her grandmother Gulle, survivors of the atrocities of Armenia in 1915. Arshag, sent to South America for his protection, returns as a soldier of the Armenian Legion to fight for his country. Gulle is the only member of her family to survive the death march into the desert. Through God's grace they find each other, marry and move to America in 1921. Bras is their first grandchild. 

The final section of the memoir follows Bras as she marries and moves to Hawaii, only to return as a single mother to teach school in a small town. It is there she finally realizes that God has provided her with protection and direction. Bras discovers that once we truly surrender our will to God, His plan always produces blessings beyond our wildest dreams!


"Beautifully written, this poetic narrative, with its unexpected twists and turns is a compelling argument for the benefits and rewards of a life of trust in God." Walter Sava, Ph.D. Community Leader

"Barbara's authenticity, caring and passion shine through the moment you meet her. God has a plan and we are blessed, He provided us Barbara's humanity and spirit." Kory Kogon,Global Productivity Practice Leader, FranklinCovey | Corporate

"Miracles don't come with guarantees, but Barbara's engaging memoir demonstrates that God's plan is amazingly greater than what we envision for ourselves. Every reader will connect with her powerful story!" ~Best Selling Author, Tom Bird

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