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What do Age, Experience and Wisdom have in common?

This book launch starts March 14th. Please tell your friends.

Do you appreciate wisdom and experience?

Do you wish your kids were exposed to strong, positive values?

Do you long for simpler times?

Then this book is for you!
In his memoir, Doyle Barnes shares the most important lessons of his long life in a wonderfully positive allegorical way. Filled with powerful personal tales, his book Our Journey in Life, is great reading for anyone 8 to 80 years old. After regaling his children and grandchildren with his amazing stories for years, he was urged to take his message to the world. Now it's here and it's just right for bedtime reading, sharing with the family and bestowing upon our kids, this book puts a lifetime of success into a little book you’ll cherish.

Barnes offers advice on:
how to get what you want through persistence
how to make a plan for life
how to maximize your abilities
how to reach top authorities to achie…