Thursday, October 27, 2016

A Hollywood Stunt Woman's Tattle Tales

A Hollywood Stunt Woman's Tattle Tales
"Fun, entertaining and insightful true stories through the eyes of a stuntwoman, actress, teacher, and friend. I laughed and I cried. Be sure and look her up on YouTube." 
​​​​​​​– Delta Johnston, Avid Fiction Reader, Antique Dealer
Get the inside scoop on A list actors

This Behind-the-Scenes Tell-All about doubling for celebrity superstars also reveals the compelling life story of an Insecure Hollywood arrival who rises to the top of her field, but pays a hefty price. Addiction, chauvinism and big egos collide with the surprising kindness of superstars. Discover the magic and the tragic stories of many great films & TV shows through the eyes of a stuntwoman. Dalton reveals what it took to hang over cliffs, get hit by a moving car, drop from five stories up, dodge an avenue full of speeding cars—and to ignore the Universe's more gentle prompts that it was time to quit and follow her passion into acting full time or teaching acting. The resulting career-ending spinal injury has a story of its own, how she researched medical and alternative paths that form the heart of what she shares with the world today. 

Stunt Gal Lisa Dalton tattles about humorous and harrowing tales culled from over 200 films, television shows and commercials including Ghostbusters, Money Pit, Crocodile Dundee, Married to the Mob, FX, Legal Eagles, The Last Dragon, Saturday Night Live & Splash, working with or doubling such superstars as Meryl Streep, Cher, Madonna, Grace Jones, Robert Redford, Katherine Hepburn, Sean Connery, Tom Hanks, Chevy Chase, Robin Williams, Ed O'Neill, Michelle Pfeiffer and more.

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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Can she vanquish those preventing peace?

Can she vanquish those preventing peace?
It is the year 1540 on an island that is home to a barbaric culture where three cities under despotic Chieftains have long been at war. Twelve-year-old Rebalagh is a Chieftain's Maiden, the first daughter of the first wife of Samitkan's Chieftain, destined never to marry and perhaps to be sacrificed. By custom, Maidens are reared in freedom to make them happier gifts to whichever gods will receive.

Then Rebalagh is captured and taken to wife by an enemy Chieftain with whom she falls deeply in love. When war between her father and her husband again looms, she risks her life to prevent it, but it seems the only way to save the men she loves is to create a peaceful culture in a world whose gods now ensure there can never be peace. Eventually she comes to see that in order to make peace possible she will have to first vanquish her people's gods.

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Monday, October 24, 2016

WRITER’S BLOCK? NO SUCH THING by Linda Barnett-Johnson

The dark recesses of your brain, known as the cerebral cortex, is where the words to your many stories lay dormant.  They've taken a leave of absence without any authorization.  You know they're there because you've accessed them many times before.  Is this what is known as "writer's block?"
Is there such a thing as "writer's block?"  Does our writing mind shut down like a factory when it's time to go home?  Does our writing ability go on vacation or enter la-la-land?  Or does it act like a signal light going from green, writing without ceasing; yellow, slowing down - getting off the track; or red, complete meltdown - do not pass go or collect $200.00 - stopped dead in its tracks.
If writer's block existed, you wouldn't be able to write your name, make out a shopping list, pay your bills, or write down an appointment and keep it!  So unless you're dead or in a coma, there are many opportunities to get over your "writer's block."
Get Creative:
Go to the park with pen and paper and write what you see.  Then what you hear, smell, feel and taste.  Your senses are always in working condition.  For example:  "The bird looked like it stood still in the air."  Now fill it in with more description.  "The large hook-billed eagle hovered over the ground, looking for prey with his keen eyes."  Try it with all the senses.
Another trick is to take your dictionary and start reading the words.  A lot of times this will trigger something loose.  Or randomly pick a word and write about it.  How about randomly picking a word and adding the word, land or village or town behind it.  For example:  I close my eyes and my finger lands on - "revolve."  Now put the word land behind it and you have - Revolve Land.  I don't know about you, but I can see a children's story about a town that has revolving playgrounds or schools.  Use your imagination and you'll be surprised at what you come up with.
I have a fun project I started that keeps my brain from going to la-la-land.  
1)  Take a small box about 12"x12" (or a size that suits you), and write "Story Starters" on it.
2)  Get some baggies, a black marker, pen, and notebook paper.
3)  On one baggy write: "Character Names, another "Settings," another "Emotions" and the last "Objects."
4)  a)  Take your pen and paper and write as many "Character Names" you can think of.  Just make up names.  Get a phone book if you have trouble.  Fill up the whole page.   Now do the same with "Settings," "Emotions," and "Objects."
     b)  Cut and fold each one and put them in their individual marked baggy.
     c)  Now draw a paper from each baggy.  You now have a "Story Starter."
Here's an example:
Character Name                   Setting                  Object                      Emotion
Baron Colmsby                    Concert                 Baby Girl                 Funny
I choose one piece of paper from each baggy and this is what I come up with.  My imagination is running wild.  I visualize Baron Colmsby at a musical concert.  Someone has brought a baby to the event.  Think of funny incidents regarding the Baron and the baby.  In fact, that would be a good title for the story - The Baron and the Baby.  Could make for a funny story.
You can make a baggy for anything.  How about:  "Story Titles," "occupations," "mannerisms," to name a few.  That's the fun of this project.  I even have a baggy with "phobias."  Whatever phobia I pick from the bag, you can be sure that one of my characters has it.  It's a blast!  There are tremendous possibilities, as well as a myriad of things to write about.  Keep it simple, or make it as elaborate as you want.
So you see there are potentials all around us.  All you need is your imagination and your senses.  So, in my opinion, unless you have no imagination, there's no reason for "writer's block!"

DIRTY TRAIL OF TEARS by Linda Barnett-Johnson

Misery fills her eyes,
Leaving the doctors office.
Tears make a dirty trail,
Through thick make-up.

Blocked Tubes

Overwhelming pain,
She screams injustice,
Massages her barren tummy,
Questioning - Why?


Will her husband love her?
Will he seek another?
For children to fill the
Quiet house with laughter?


She packs away the clothes,
Her babies would have worn.
Caressing each lovingly,
Tears stain each one.


Empty words
Empty feelings
Empty arms

Thursday, October 20, 2016

This will send cold shivers shooting down your spine

This will send cold shivers shooting down your spine
It's teen against teen, teen against nature, teen against himself – and teen against ghost in this fast-paced psychological adventure with paranormal and historical elements. Influences: Life of Pi, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime, The Wasp Factory, and Lord of the Flieses. 
Darkly captivating from start to finish
By M. Muir 

When the seemingly psychotic hallucinations of a 15-year old boy become entangled with mystical Chinese characters from millennia ago, fantasy and reality spin out of control.

The story begins when a group of unenthusiastic mis-fit, mid-teen kids are unwillingly signed up on a 'character building' adventure at sea aboard an ill-named Chinese junk – the 'Good Fortune'. However, when confronted by his vivid imaginings, James struggles to find himself and in doing so involves his friends and shipmates in a dark and sometimes fatal outcome.

A feeling of foreboding builds from the first chapter and slowly creeps over the ship in a veil of palpable fear. During this time James must decide if the images running rampant in his mind are real or not. Collison's superb descriptive prose, natural dialogue, plus evocative similes combine to make this book an unforgettable read.

Brilliantly penned by the author - Collison's extensive research reveals the ritual funerary customs and culture of China's Peacock Throne during the time of the Ming dynasty. The story is magical, enigmatic, haunting, frightening and downright good.

Whether you are 17 or 70, Water Ghosts will grab you and draw you down into a maelstrom of mystery and malevolent spirits sending cold shivers shooting down your spine. I cannot rate this book highly enough.A good read for a variety of age groups.

PO Box 1223, Conifer, CO 80433

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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

What would you sacrifice for your country?

What would you sacrifice for your country?
This book started out so hilarious, it got my attention at the beginning and kept it all through the book. I tried to figure out what was going to happen next but I was really surprised at the end. It ended on a high note. I can't wait for the next book . If you like lots of suspense and action read this book. Great book. ~Gwen
Best friends and cousins, John Vacara and Harold Huddleston grew up on the family farm in rural Pennsylvania, discovering at an early age they possessed a very unique gift. This talent was a secret they kept from everyone including their mothers for years until it became too big to contain.

This saga spans from the 1930s to 1945 encompassing the war years and the Vacaras many dangerous exploits and adventures as they serve their country gallantly.

Learn of the many secrets John's mother Amelia has kept from him. Harold's mother Pearl, who is Amelia's sister, kept her secret from her son and John. Find out how this twine of secrets fall into place as the story unfolds. Follow John and Harold as they discover and harness the power of this unusual talent taking them from the family farm to traveling half way around the globe. Learn of the fortune John and Harold left behind as they barely escaped the wrath of their enemy. The relationships and passions they encounter while traveling to their freedom adds to the excitement of this novel.

PO Box 1223, Conifer, CO 80433

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