Sunday, October 16, 2016

The Road to Peace Runs through the Valley of Death

To thank you for ordering The Road to Peace Runs through the Valley of Death, Paul is offering you a bonus of his very popular story about his dog, Dobie, The Canine Saint. Paul wasn't interested in adopting a dog when he first met the abused, terrified puppy named Vicious. Against his better judgment, he finds himself putting the neglected Doberman in his car and setting out on a thirteen year adventure that will not just change his life, but the lives of everyone that he and Dobie (not so vicious, after all) touch.
"What do you want? Go to the best life coaches in the world and that's probably the first question they'll ask. The answer most people give is some version of being happy, thin, adored, healthy, or wealthy. But if you could fast-forward to your deathbed, would you have the same desires-and even if you attained them, would you be satisfied?"

"When you're at death's door, having the perfect figure or the perfect bank account amounts to zero. And if the entire world adored you, would you even believe it? Might there be anything else you would've liked to do with your life?"

"If fulfillment comes from riches, what happens if they're taken away? If happiness is dependent on someone's loving us, what happens when it changes? If we are pleased because we are young, beautiful, and healthy, what happens when those conditions pass? If happiness comes from being held up as special, what will happen when we lose favor?" 

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