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Your Writing Career: Up Your Credibility and Exposure by Writing Professional Reviews

Excerpted and expanded from the recently released 415-page book in Carolyn Howard-Johnson's multi award-winning HowToDoItFrugally Series of books, How to Get Great Book Reviews Frugally and Ethically
Writing great professional reviews (as opposed to writing more casual reader reviews which I also cover as part of my newest how-to book for writers!) will probably entail tackling a slight learning curve. It isn't as steep, however, as the curves required when you switch genres from, say, experimental genres to literary or poetry. With a few basic guidelines, you can write reviews to be proud of for your blog or other online review entities. Different media outlets have different style guides.
Here is why you might choose writing reviews as a way to give your writing career a nudge (you can read that market if you want to!).
§  1. Writing reviews is fun. It is, after all, writing. And it allows you to market by doing what you like to do. §  2. Writing reviews will help you network wi…

Eat What You Want! Stop When You Want!

Read more."The author offers something that seems so obvious, you wonder why more authors haven't taken this approach before her. She actually offers guidance on the mental, emotional, and physical mechanics of controlling what you eat, when you eat, and how much you eat, including hands on tools and techniques, and as well as exercises to put her guidance into practice. The book is innovative, short, and to the point... designed for today's busy readers (thank goodness!)"~Jeff Davidson, "The Work-Life Balance Expert®" and Breathing Space, Dial it Down--Live it Up, and Simpler LivingWould you like to eat what you want, stop when you want, lose weight and do this all without having to diet or exercise? Well, now you have the choice to do just that! Sora's Weight-Loss "Management" Program is a revolutionary no diet, weight-loss program that gives you those …

Interview with Author Marguerite Gruen

1.Give us a brief synopsis of your latest work.
The Band 4 - The Air We Breathe is a love story. It has a supernatural twist which distinguishes it from other love stories.  When people read it – I want them to feel the love between the 2 main characters Marguerite and Chase.  It’s about the story of their lives together which includes Chase’s bandmates whom he considers brothers.  They are one-quarter of each other not one-quarter of the band and also his best friend Ed whom everyone should pay special attention to.  Marguerite meets Chase in a coffee shop in London the night before he was going to go to the studio to quit the band.  Quit his brothers. The turmoil, anxiety, and distress he was in was unbearable.  She was on a Holiday after just escaping her own turmoil - being held almost captive by her strict and overbearing parents.  She feels someone in distress in the coffee shop and it stuns her because she doesn’t know anyone in London – she just got there.  She pinpoints the di…

An OUTRAGEOUS! Spiritual Adventure

Read more. "I recommend it to those who intend to submit themselves at a fundamental level to the gracious sovereignty of God."  J. Jeffries

Take a ride with Kevin Michael as he journeys through consciousness, traveling both the inner realms and across the world. Although Kevin was not a truth seeker, severe health challenges forced him to seek holistic health methods. Much to his surprise, he found spirit in the process and spirit said - you are coming with me.

What is the result of such a journey? Healing one's self and finding one's spiritual gifts. Having lived many of life's challenges himself, he has sought much inner and outer help. Along the way, he developed a highly effective healing technique given to him by the "bridgers". That technique is introduced in Chapter Four of this book: "Harry meets Swami". Through this book, Kevin is now gifting the reader with the technique that has made a world of difference in his healing journey. 


15 Slump Busters

What to Do When the Assignments Stop Coming
Cal Orey, Guest Author
Imagine: The phone doesn't ring, you find yourself amid a pile of rejection letters, and money's tight. It's been more weeks than you care to count since you've gotten an assignment or book contract, you've got serious reservations about your writer's status, and last but not least, the fear of never getting a new gig haunts you like a spooky Stephen King sci-fi tale. If you're like me and most writers, at some time you'll probably hit a plateau - the point when it seems you just can't pull out of a big, unfortunate S-L-U-M-P. What gives? Blame it on your fave book publisher downsizing, your pet editor(s) going AWOL, or karma. But the good news is, you can reprise your role as a prolific writer. So if you're down, on the verge of suffering through a sales lull or trying to find a way out, get prepared to write yourself out of a slump. It can be done. I'…

Book Sales Getting Musty? by Carolyn Howard-Johnson

Adapted from the multi award-winning Frugal Book Promoter In the world of publishing as in life, persistence counts. Of course, there is no way to keep a book at the top of the charts forever, but if you keep reviving it, you might hold a classic in your hands. Or your marketing efforts for one book may propel your next one to greater heights. I can’t tell you how often I’ve seen authors who measure their success by book sales give up on their book (and sometimes on writing) just about the time their careers are about ready to take off. I tell my students and clients to fight the it’s-too-late-urge. Publicity is like the little waves you make when you toss pebbles into a lake. The waves travel, travel, travel and eventually come back to you. If you stop lobbing little stones, you lose momentum. It’s never too late and it’s never too early to promote. Rearrange your thinking. Marketing isn’t about a single book. It’s about building a career. And new books can build on the momentum crea…