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Joy of Being with Melissa Joy Jonsson

Dear M-Joy Friends,This past weekend I taught an M-Joy seminar in Warsaw, Poland for the first time, and it was an amazing experience. I am now briefly back in Spain preparing for a whirlwind of fun events in June. Next up - a series of Book-signings/Author Talks in Mountain View, CA and Denver, CO May 30th, May 31st and June 1st.  If you are nearby, please plan to attend these events....and tell all your friends! Additional details below.Attend the M-Joy Integrative Seminar in Denver, CO June 2nd-3rd. Experience the 24 Fields and their powerful ability to heal and transform personal patterns, as well as patterns in the collective. Whether you wish to be free from pain, manifest a new house, find a partner, a new job, or change prevailing paradigms, there is something available for you at this event.Denver is the only M-Joy seminar in North America this summer. Seize this opportunity. This seminar is open to all. Register NowThe Art of Limitless Living (The ALL) Around the World Bo…

Gonzo journalism that will leave you breathless

Read more. This is a roller coaster ride in gonzo journalism. Hunter S. Thompson would be proud. This book is a wild tale in a stream-of-consciousness style that kept me riveted to the page. From Afghanistan to the mean streets of  Raleigh, North Carolina, this book will leave you breathless. ~Joanna Graybill

The story of a young man's destiny to become the greatest detective in the world, a hero in his own time. Lt. Col. Reid McQueen Recon Div. 10 Calvary, did 9 tours in the desert wars. He was a west point cadet who flunked out for dressing as a Navy woman cadet to spy on the Navy football team.
     After finding seventy-two I.E.D. factories in deep cover with no back up except three pistols and four knives, his Cherokee instincts saved him time after time.
     Known as the "Tarheel that never quits Atomic Blonde Tornado," feared worldwide,  Lt. Col. Reid McQueen kick boxes his way through the good, the bad, the ugly, and the kinky. From Afghanistan, to the badlands o…

The Rules of Grammar by Mary Deal

The rules of grammar are to, first, benefit a reader.
Grammar is standard format to which good writers will adhere. Secondly, it provides all writers a standard to follow that makes the written word fluent. Proper grammar is the backbone of all written prose, regardless some be written in colloquialisms, laced with foreign words, slang, or any other variation.
See it this way–
An avid reader picks up a book written according to the rules of grammar. They read through the book quickly and immensely enjoy the story because nothing impedes their reading experience. Yet another well-read reader opens a book only to find grammar flaws such as poor format, incorrect sentence structure, irregular or incorrect speaker tags and beats, and other jarring errors. It’s difficult for this reader to enjoy the book because the author did not follow the rules of correct grammar that make for a smooth read and which is constant in all good books. Poor grammar and composition in an otherwise great story defl…

What would love do right now?

Read more. This book will change your life. Starting with the question,"What would love do right now?", will give you a wonderful and constructive foundation for re-creating your life into the one you desire. I recommend it!  ~William A. Murphy - Author of Driving with the Brakes On

Living from your heart is possible! This book is designed as a step-by-step guide to living an extraordinary life! Asking yourself, "What would love do right now?" can be as impactful to your life as Jack Canfield's Chicken Soup is to his readers' souls. To experience a heart-centered life, you first need to release the pain and suffering from childhood experiences, past heartaches, or disappointments and failures, that still live in your heart.

Consider, your past experiences influence your responses to day-to-day events--just like the unseen air you breathe. They impact your present experience of life, as well as your vision of the future. How can you have a bright new future whe…

What are you willing to risk to become who you really are?

Read more. "If you've ever been curious about Ayahuasca and the Shamanic journey, look no further. In this no-frills autobiographical account, The Spell, Book One of The Shaman's Lover's Trilogycatapults us down the rabbit hole of spiritual "sex, drugs and rock 'n roll" into the heart of one woman's search for authenticity, self-empowerment and self-love. In her relentless intention to leave nothing unexplored, Georgina Kemm has created a compelling and naked reveal of both her inner workings and her fearless dive into this veiled jungle world. By the end, the veil has been lifted. And what remains is a fascination with our own longing for self-discovery."    ~-Ashara Lynn Gorbet

As Georgina's life faces a disastrous implosion, her best friend Sandy invites her to a healing center deep in the Peruvian Amazon where she naively enters into the mysterious world of ayahuasca-a potent visionary plant medicine also known as the "vine of the s…