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When things feel like they will never improve

Have you ever had one of those times when it all felt
completely useless?

Where everything you tried seemed to end in failure.

One bad thing happening right after another.

It's like life has a personal vendetta on making you feel

The past couple of years has been tough on people... problems
...lack of employment
...relationship difficulties issues

It seems like almost everyone is going through something
challenging these days...

My good friend (and bestselling author) Sonia Ricotti
went through a NASTY phase herself.

• A potentially deadly blood clot shattered her health
• Financial devastation stole her lifestyle and home out
from under her
• An important relationship ended (which, to make matters
worse, involved an alcoholic)

...all of it hitting her AT ONCE.

Losing your home, your health, and your love all at once!

Something like that could destroy most people, but Sonia
knew what to do and did it in style.

She became "Unsinkable" in mind, body and spir…
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