Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Do you believe in "pre-incarnation"?

Do you believe in "pre-incarnation"?
This is one of the most inventive manuscripts I have ever edited. Moreover, it is beautifully written, with strong verbs and wonderfully creative descriptions. The characters are strong -- even the minor characters, such as The Old One. The inner dialogue of the two main characters is revealing, and shows real emotional growth of both of them throughout this book.
I think what I liked most about this manuscript is that it calls on the reader to truly think about the possibility -- no, likelihood -- that reincarnation (and perhaps "pre-incarnation" actually exist. This is a fascinating story, beautifully told. It has"best-seller" written all over it. 
- Bill Worth--Editor, and Author of the novels "House of the Sun: AMetaphysical Novel of Maui," and "The Hidden Life of Jesus Christ: A Memoir;"and the soon-to-be published non-fiction book exploring his 28 -year journeywith multiple sclerosis: "Outwitting Multiple Sclerosis: How Forgiveness HelpedMe Heal My Brain By Changing My Mind."

Do you believe in second chances?

Returning Souls begins with 60-something Evie D'Arico laying on the kitchen floor unable to move a muscle, though she sees and feels everything around her. She rises above the world through a dimension of color, horizon, and stars coming to rest in a primordial forest of fragrant trees and neon green moss. A place from memory. The life of a person she used to be. 

Jumping to her feet, she waits for the familiar neck pain and stiff knees. Instead, a lithe body moves with animal grace and stealth. A garment fashioned from supple hide is smooth against her skin. Massive trees with shaggy bark of russet brown shelter her. What is this place?

An overriding thought shatters the reverie: Move quietly! Do not even breathe. Listen before you move. Make sure you are alone.

She is a long way from home.

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