Tuesday, February 13, 2018

A chakra book that won't put you to sleep

A chakra book that won't put you to sleep
True knowledge is the one that comes through direct experience. Teresa, has done an amazing job to reflect how life experiences are the best teachers for us to learn, grow and succeed.  Teresa has an incredible  understanding of the chakras and energy systems and she knows how to pass it along to others to reflect upon and initiate their own journey in the world of energy.  I am proud of having her as my student. ~Mirta Romberg,  Registered Yoga Teacher and Therapist
   Using chakras and art is like having a template to achieve balance, forgiveness, and peace. Life is challenging; our world often seems chaotic and tumultuous. Learning to assess and treat your chakra imbalances helps you to cope with these challenges and to find inner peace.

   Through the use of true stories, both her own and those of others, Teresa McCallum provides examples of balanced and imbalanced chakras.  She offers simple activities, methods, and art suggestions to help others achieve personal growth and inner balance. Teresa's background as a nurse working in mental health, as well as being a visual artist, lead her to develop a unique way of looking at spirituality, self-healing, and use of the ancient chakra system. Regardless of whether the chakra system is new to you or you are an experienced yogini (or yogi), Finding Balance and Forgiveness Through Chakras and Art will provide artistic insight and guidance.

     In creating this book, I surveyed hundreds of people to discover their secrets of success and resilience. I was overwhelmed with the honesty and meaningful responses I received, but until I had fully explored and become engaged in the chakra system, I didn't have a cohesive method to assist people in overcoming their challenges. There are seven chakras, and my seven categories mirrored them perfectly. After exploring and experiencing the energetic transformative power of working with chakras, I realized what the focus of my book would be because art had provided therapy for both me and my patients. So, I was able to unleash my inspired voice which allowed me to complete the book I had conceived many years ago. My personal experiences and the experiences of others have allowed me to create this introduction to healing your chakras by using art therapeutically to find your balance and learn how to let go and forgive.
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