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Beautiful spiritual verses to stir the soul

Beautiful spiritual verses to stir the soul
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We sit at the helm of opportunity. The opportunity of change. Change from hardened hearts to the awareness of God's love. Change from discrimination to the love for neighbors regardless of color, creed, or location. Change from poverty and starvation to a world nourished with good intentions.

Change from abuse to gifted conversation. Change from pollution to a cleaner planet. Gifted we all are with specialized talents. Use your God-gifted abilities and take the opportunity to change our planet. Grab hold of the helm. Everyone is needed. The actions of one greatly affect the whole.                       
                                                                       —Sharon CassanoLochman

     Spiritual Verse Today are inspirational reads from Award-Winning #1 Best-Selling author Sharon CassanoLochman. Thousands have found daily comfort and hope through CassanoLochman's poetic verse.

Here's a sample verse:

Heavenly Warrior
Peace Needed

Heavenly warrior, you are indeed. Majestically speaking. Actions driven from your heart-place. Shine brightly, my friend. Go forward with strength. Ignore the bantering from those heavily drugged from ego's sleep. Speak. Write. Engage. Create. Teach by example through words and actions. Human you are. With a crooked-trail past. Model of spiritual growth with good actions seeded.

Shine, for you will guide souls drowsy from sleep. Waking in the dark. Searching for Light. Joining the many. Hand to hand. Heart to heart. Regardless location, religion, or nation. Gaining momentum. Beacons stepping forth from every direction. Beacons of peace. Beacons of Light.

Warrior of Light. Compassionately driven. Shine.

     Spiritual Verse Today's inspirational messages offer relief from the heaviness of life or crooked trails taken. The daily distractions that tug at the heart left untended. Sorrows overwhelming even on the brightest of days. The snippet of time sometimes wished undone.
     There are many battlefields in life. Release your burdens—whatever they may be. Find forgiveness for the past, peace in the moment, and hope for the future.
     Join author Sharon CassanoLochman for a walk in Spiritual Verse Today. Order together or separately.
Reader Response:
"Sharon CassanoLochman's Spiritual Verse Today flows from a place high above our earthly home and settles lovingly amidst our struggles, offering balm to our pain and light to our path. The author's eloquent words speak to the challenges we encounter and burdens we carry, and unites them with the Divine Voice of love and compassion. Whether read as daily installments of encouragement and inspiration or longer indulgences of optimism and faith, this book is a gift to each who turns its pages."  ~ Lilly Tanzer, Author Travels with the Doggie Lama
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