Tuesday, February 20, 2018

It was life changing

It was life changing
"Ms. Ortiz has the capacity in her writing to make you feel she is speaking directly to you! Her telling, through a fictional character, about her experience with breast cancer at the age of 37 is moving, funny and, in the end, triumphant. The grace with which her character, Luna, navigates her breast cancer diagnosis is a blueprint for how to handle life's challenges and hurdles. I couldn't put the book down and, when I finished, I felt as if I had lost touch with a cherished friend. I hope she writes a sequel so we can continue to follow and learn from her approach to this journey of life that we are all on." ~Amazon Reader

Smart and fiercely independent, thirty-seven-year-old Luna Rivera had it all. She was fresh out of grad school—officially a PhD. Her team, the Oakland A's were in first place, and it was only two months into the season. Plus, she was in love.

And then, the shit hit the fan. 

One second she was laying on the sofa, watching an old black and white movie—The Thin Man, about a screwball husband and wife team known for solving murders—and just as Myrna Loy's character fell flat on her face while being pulled into a restaurant by her dog, Luna's life came to a screeching halt.

In a matter of seconds, fear hurled her into a world of confusion, uncertainty, and despair. Luna had inadvertently slipped her hand under her T-shirt and touched her breast. That's when life as she knew it vanished.
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