Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Evening Sun a Widow's Journey - Poetry Chapbook

August 26, 2014 | Danville, California
A Widow's Journey through an Emotional Rollercoaster Ride
Through her poems in Evening Sun, Aline Soules reflects on her journey through widowhood, chronicling her emotions--despair, anger, longing, love, and reconciliation.  
She has been compelled to write about her emotional journey through widowhood over many years and now has a chance to share it. "Grief can draw us away from the world and into ourselves, but writing about the process helps to bring us back," says Aline.
This has also been a way for her to honor her husband. Their partnership was the greatest joy of her life and was grateful for their time together.
Aline shares:
"Voice is so important in writing. Yes, there are different stories or different poems or different essays, but the voice that threads through them is what makes the writer unique."   
Specific to Evening Sun and its emotional journey:
"While each of our grief journeys is unique, the widowed have something in common and I thought that these poems could resonate with others' experiences, perhaps helping people to feel less alone in their journeys."
I'd like to share one of her poems:
I've Changed My Mind
It's okay if you toss
your dirty coffee spoon
on the clean counter
or scatter grains of sugar
on the morning paper.
No problem if you leave your clothes in a heap,
the bed unmade.
Go ahead. Spatter
shaving cream
on the bathroom mirror.
let crumbs of styptic pencil
float to the floor.
Forget to flush
your secret cigarette butts
down the toilet.
I want to clean up after you,
scour bacon grease
off the stove, scrub
the ring out of the tub,
see your face in the mirror.
Aline Soules has an M.A. in English, an MFA in Creative Writing, and an M.S.L.S. in Library Science. She makes her living as a library faculty member at California State University, East Bay. She also teaches workshops, reads her work at events, runs an editorial business, and engages in professional voice work (reading and singing.)
For more information about her chapbook and other books:
Facebook: soulesa
Twitter: aline_elisabeth

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