Monday, September 2, 2019

What's next for your high school senior?

"Dr. Nugent's book provides a pathway to success for students by an innovative mentor system.  Her suggestions will inform both students and counselors and help students make far better decisions, and make them more timely, for their post high school life.  I wish I had a copy when I was in high school!"
Bob Daugherty, AP US History Teacher and Academic Decathlon Coach
Paving Your Path is a resource for both high school students and experienced professionals as mentors. Shrewd advice is embedded in its chapters. Manifesting Your Destiny, A Self-Assessment Inventory, and Characteristics of Success are just a sample of the chapters that readers will use to dismantle past behaviors and build a fresh approach to getting what they want professionally. Paving Your Path engages people to ignite their passion and inspire others through artful communication. 
This book is a practical and time-saving guide to help high school students develop a plan before graduation so they can fulfill their destiny through the guidance of a mentor. Together, they use the book over 30 weeks to determine the pathway upon graduation and produce a set of deliverables.
The purpose of this book is to provide a coaching framework that allows the mentor and mentee to collaborate on creating a solid plan for the student's future. It capitalizes on the experience of the mentor and includes the uniqueness of each high school student. The end goal is for the high school student is to determine their pathway upon graduation with a real set of deliverables.
Through this collaboration, high school students will be nurtured to step into their future, and in the process, mentors create their legacy. This complete guide to Paving Your Path and career success will show you how to:

* Learn about your choices
* Engage with your mentor
Innovate your education
Inspire your future

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