Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Was it really an accident?

With the Miss America Contest this month, this book shows the pressure upon the contestants from inside and outside forces. What went so terribly wrong?

Two women grow in surprising ways to ultimately switch roles as the idol falls from grace


To the outside world, Liz Perkins had it all – beauty, charm, poise, talent and many adoring men. One wonders, how could it all have gone so shockingly wrong?

   When the flirtatious beauty queen, Liz, entered a room with her enigmatic flair, no one sensed her fragility– a result of the badgering of a demanding stage mother.

   Over the years, the lives of two close girl cousins took dramatically different turns. Cece found long-term fulfillment in her rock, Ross Turner. But contrary to expectations, Liz's legacy unfolded much differently than imagined. When happiness eluded her through multiple abusive marriages and dubious companions, she was left with the only company that offered her unconditional love – her many cats.

   To the casual observer, Liz achieved success and fame. Though attaining celebrity through television, advertising, and public speaking, her search for happiness ended one mysterious and tragic night when everything changed.

Russell Vann
PO Box 1223
Conifer Colorado 80433-1223

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