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Are good aliens receptive to her psychic powers?

Sequel to Mystical Aria: Seeking the Gallion Queen, 
winner of Literary Classics 2017 Gold Award for Fantasy - Tween
Instead of gazing at the stars, I'm flying among them where no tween has been. These are the writings of Aria Vanir aboard the Gallion starship, Rama XI, during my unexpected adventure for first contact with an alien queen.

First tween contact with Queen Supreme Nashata, Galactic Mother of the Gallions, transforms psychic twelve-year-old Aria Vanir into Earth Ambassador to the Gallions. Can Aria call forth the courage to tell humans about the Gallions' peaceful messages of love, infinity, and prosperity? For this, she turns to her most trusted companion: her diary. 

In this second book of the middle-grade science fiction / fantasy Mystical Aria series, Aria's space adventure unfolds through her innermost thoughts as she reveals her visions, dreams, and inner conflicts. Get the scoop on new stories from her teen spy sister Jackie, BFF Tommy, and galfriend-for-life Princess LeSom. Check out the brand-new Aria's Universe for exclusive interviews with peaceful aliens aboard the starship Rama XI. Why does Princess LeSom like Elvis so much? What initiation did first engineer Peakte endure to emerge as the Gallions' greatest inventor? How did Nashata meet her favorite communicorn, Shemuse, as a young princess and accept her royal destiny? 

Stories from these good aliens inspire Aria to believe there could be a safe place in the world for her secret, psychic talents.

Award-winning author, Jean Neff Guthrie, includes seven book club questions at the end of this novel. 

Russell Vann
PO Box 1223
Conifer Colorado 80433-1223

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