Friday, November 25, 2016

The insects are the perfect killing machine...

The insects are the perfect killing machine...
How does he keep doing it? I lost way too much sleep because I couldn't put Plague down, then I kept having nightmares about the bugs. Don't read Plague if you need sleep. Don't read it if you are creeped out by insects. And especially don't read it if you scare easily. This is not the book for you because it will get under your skin and burrow all the way down into your deepest unconscious and disturb you.  Don't say I didn't warn you if you have a hard time sleeping and keep having the shivers every you see or think about an insect. Sweet dreams..."
~Scott Carroll, MD, Author of Don't Settle: How to Marry the Man You Were Meant For

A demonically driven, bioengineered terror is about to be unleashed and only Adam Dekker stands in the way.

It begins innocently enough with a short holiday on the Caribbean island of Dominica, but the idyllic setting is soon shattered. Dekker and Hannah Ahmed, the beautiful SIS agent, become entangled in an international conspiracy that propels them through a series of heart-stopping and life-threatening encounters.

The unholy creatures, resembling large locusts, are created in a remote island laboratory but unlike normal locusts, these creatures eat the flesh of their victims. The laboratory's head of security steals the seed broods, escapes the island, and sells the locusts to a terror group intent on overrunning Europe and the world.
The engineered locusts are a perfect terror weapon, ideal for eliminating the entire United States leadership in one massive strike, and keep America from interfering with the fulfillment of a jihadi prophesy. The terrorists need only breed a sufficient number of the flesh-eating locusts to create a swarm, and then release it during a special joint session of Congress.

This is Dekker's most difficult challenge yet, one that will require all his skills to stop a plague from forever changing the world.

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