Wednesday, October 19, 2016

What would you sacrifice for your country?

What would you sacrifice for your country?
This book started out so hilarious, it got my attention at the beginning and kept it all through the book. I tried to figure out what was going to happen next but I was really surprised at the end. It ended on a high note. I can't wait for the next book . If you like lots of suspense and action read this book. Great book. ~Gwen
Best friends and cousins, John Vacara and Harold Huddleston grew up on the family farm in rural Pennsylvania, discovering at an early age they possessed a very unique gift. This talent was a secret they kept from everyone including their mothers for years until it became too big to contain.

This saga spans from the 1930s to 1945 encompassing the war years and the Vacaras many dangerous exploits and adventures as they serve their country gallantly.

Learn of the many secrets John's mother Amelia has kept from him. Harold's mother Pearl, who is Amelia's sister, kept her secret from her son and John. Find out how this twine of secrets fall into place as the story unfolds. Follow John and Harold as they discover and harness the power of this unusual talent taking them from the family farm to traveling half way around the globe. Learn of the fortune John and Harold left behind as they barely escaped the wrath of their enemy. The relationships and passions they encounter while traveling to their freedom adds to the excitement of this novel.

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