Wednesday, October 5, 2016

It was all just an inconvenient adventure

It was all just an inconvenient adventure

Although I don't remember dreaming of great adventures as a girl, I actually married one when I married Dick Cadd.  In our wonderful life of 58 years together, I learned that a right attitude can turn disaster into adventure, tragedy into triumph and disappointment into joy. There are many things in life we cannot change but our attitude is a choice that can transform the ordinary and the awful into the stuff of great memories and scintillating stories.

This isn't a book of "Do, Don't and How To".  It's simply stories from my life of inconvenient adventures and the remarkable results when, with God's help, I chose the right attitude.

Tales include our life in the Philippines, our world travels, our crazy exploits while keeping in tow our young family of five children. As the children grew, we as a family became a team and helped underprivileged people as well as working with the entertainment world in the areas of music, theatre and television. Our proudest moment was when a first class 5-story fine arts center with a 900-seat auditorium was named after my husband and me and ranks among the finest in the Philippines.

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