Wednesday, September 7, 2016

The Fun of Growing Forever (Spiritually Speaking) by Roberta Grimes

The Fun of Growing Forever (Spiritually Speaking) by Roberta Grimes
Roberta has once again us us another wonderful book in helping to guide us along our spiritual path while struggling in a human body. She leaves the reader feeling uplifted and hopeful about the future. What I found most helpful was her in-depth writing on the true teachings of Jesus. It all makes real sense after having been brought up in a strict Catholic upbringing. Thanks Roberta....keep those books coming.  ~Lorna M.
Thanks to extensive correspondences between the afterlife evidence and the teachings of Jesus, for the first time we know the purpose of human life! And we are learning how to make the most of our lives, both while we are on earth and forevermore.

The book is very clear, and the exercises she proposes are easy to understand and follow. Besides that, the joy and humor that she filters into her writing, lead us to sincerely believe that growing spiritually is easy. 

Growing spiritually is NOT easy. We, human beings, need to do a lot of soul searching, and a lot of internal cleaning. Inside ourselves there are painful memories, open wounds and dark zones that we have tried to evade, but need to heal. Before thinking that we just require a change of mental attitude and disposition to forgive, thank and love, we require to be COURAGEOUS and HONEST to discover what is hiding inside us that needs to be healed.

Like Jung said: "One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious."

If we put Courage and Honesty upfront, and we face our wounds and demons, then true Forgiveness and Gratitude can come out of our hearts.

On the other hand, this book is a good way to start your internal search. It is a great book! It was written with a lot of passion and deep concern for our Spiritual Evolution. It can help you to grow spiritually without falling in the traps of religion, and to concentrate on Christ's teachings, which Mrs. Grimes truly comprehends and practices.

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