Friday, April 15, 2016

Two Paths, One Understanding

It's the story of a brother and sister whose lives led them in opposite directions, 
but who in later life discovered that they shared the same beliefs. 
Stemming from their very different experiences, 
they came to share the same truth about reality and the creator. 

It's a story about two tenacious people, Jim Counter and his sister, Anna Counter. Jim lived a life based on the accepted values of society: education, career, family. Anna experienced the seamier side of existence that precluded any settled lifestyle. Both did their best with the mindsets that their childhood experiences had fostered, each seeing life through the needed lessons that they came into this life to experience. Jim's industry, courage and single-mindedness despite his often heavy load brought family, career and a distinguished place in society. 

Anna, whose experiences as a child forever marked her reactions, was led to an opposite life. She finally came to the point where she had decided that suicide was her only recourse.  At that time, she was contacted by an entity called Romulus and then, rather than leaving this life, she began a new phase in her forever existence. The teachings she received led her to something she had never before experienced:  TRUTH.

"This stimulating book provides real life stories of the power of our mind and when we harness that limitless energy, how it shapes outcomes in our everyday life." ~Linda Skoglund, Entrepeneur

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