Thursday, January 21, 2016

ATale of Vengeance Set Against the Worst Hurricane in Louisiana History

Derrick Cameaux shouted into the night, "WHY?" His only answer was the echo of his question reverberating around the dark emptiness. Now, seemingly without any fortitude or desire to subdue his grief, his weeping turned into loud, wailing cries of sorrow. His very soul had been forever branded by an indelible iron, and something had happened to Derrick that night. At his darkest moment, from the deepest recesses of his grief, the first sign of a different emotion had been implanted--vengeance. Unexpectedly, a cool breeze swept across his face as though to wipe away his tears and restore his composure. Though his grief was still present, he was vitally aware that he was alive and there were people depending on him. He would not let them down!

"Very hard to put down! The details of every scene make you feel like you are right beside the characters. The reader can smell, see and hear the action! It combines love of family/friends and one's heritage; romance and mystery; and an evil thread. I anticipated a different ending, but was surprised, if not shocked, by it. Not being an avid reader, I'm so glad that I did not miss this read! It was hard in the most suspenseful parts not to read too quickly and miss the very vivid descriptions the author so craftily wove into this book. I look forward to a sequel!" ~Ang

"This is one you can't put down!!! The twists and turns keep you turning the pages, waiting to see what happens! Unto the Last Seed is an exciting historical fiction novel that contains vivid descriptions by the author that make you believe that you have been transported into the heart of Cajun Country!!! From the beautiful serene swamps to the pesky mosquito's, you feel it all!!! Can't wait for the next novel by this up and coming author!!! Craig J. Leonard, Sr. has now become one of my favorites!!!" ~ Nicole Wells

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