Monday, June 11, 2018

If you're seeking a promotion, get this book

This book does an exceptional job at providing you with practical, balanced, and engaging tools to change the landscape from employee and employer to mentee and mentor.Regardless of whether you are at the top already trying to help others get there or climbing your way there, this book provides you with a clear, guided path.  ~Cassandra Gaudet, Owner, Real Living by Cass
Are you struggling to skyrocket your career? 

Do you often miss the opportunity to get promoted? 

Are you trapped in a cycle of career stagnation within your organization? 

Are you struggling to understand the language of your leaders? 

Dr. Kim Nugent is a master mentor who brings over 30 years of consistent excellence to her readers and clients. As an innovation leadership coach, she is bringing her passion for exceptional leadership into the forefront of everything she does. Kim is helping people gain the confidence, communication skills, and success in their careers to ultimately assisting them in enhancing their promotability.

Through her wisdom, experience, and process of promotability, Kim Nugent gives you practical tools to redefine and lead your way to career success and create your legacy! She strategically and step-by-step guides you to enable the pathway to your career success.

Promotion Protocol provides a coaching framework that allows the supervisor and the employee to collaborate and unlock the secrets of promotability and career success. The process capitalizes on the experience of the supervisor and includes the uniqueness of a new generation.
This complete guide to promotability and career success will show you how to:
* Learn the proven pathway to promotability. 

* Engage people to ignite their passion. 

* Innovate, coach and leave a legacy.

Inspire others through artful communication.
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