Thursday, June 23, 2016

Don't Quit Yet...

Don't Quit Yet...
 How many times have you said to yourself "It's not the job, it's the co-workers I have to deal with that make me want to pull out my hair. I just want to quit my job, stay home in bed, and never go back to that dreadful place. Ever."
Packed with powerful insights, tools, and practices, this book is a potent resource for both Human Resource  Professionals & employees! 

Common Causes of Co-worker Friction: 
1. Gossipping
2. Know-it-alls
3. Interrupting
4. Email challenged
5. The Harrasser
6. Poor Web Surfer
7. Procrastinator
8. Space Invader
9. Family & Business Mixup
10. Quitter and Stayer

​"This book provides great advice for anyone who is looking to find joy in their work life by helping to see things through a different set of lenses. A great read for Human Resource professionals, too!" ~Linda Skoglund, President of J.A. Counter

"I wish I had read this book when I was trying to work through many uncomfortable situations in my career! Don't Quit Yet! provides a positive message for employees to rise to their greatest potential in dealing with each other. Following the good advice in this book is sure to make life better for you and your work partners." ~Meg Blaine Corrigan, Retired College Counselor/ Social Worker and Speaker, Trainer, and Author 
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