Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Awaken in God's Heart

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What if all the secrets of the universe were
veiled and hidden within your depths?
What if you could remove these veils
and see with the Eyes of God?
What kind of life would you lead?

This book is about the call the author received
to live life from within God's Heart.

When you awaken in the Sacred Heart you open yourself to the vast, timeless worlds within your own being, within your own heart. You are being called to awaken from your dreams and to live in a new, expanded dream that traverses other dimensions, other realities. There is a way to live life in harmony with your authentic divine nature.

This book takes you into dimensions of Light, worlds that possess a stunning, unearthly beauty--the beauty found within the Bliss of knowing God.

    There are infinite levels of knowing God. 
    This is the complexity of God.  
    There is constant creation and there is constant movement--
within the depth of Stillness.  
    Each movement creates infinite ripples of universal forms,
all infinite forms of love.
This is the simplicity of God.

The author wrote this book from a dream within a dream --where the veil is slightly torn, and you are given a glimpse of just how large you are. ​

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