Sunday, July 21, 2013

The Divorce Ranch by Catherine MacDonald

 It's June of 1936. The Biggest Little City in the World finds itself in the middle of the divorce craze. While the country struggles with the Depression, wealthy people head to Reno for the cure. War is coming and the world is changing. Women are discovering their voices as they fling their wedding rings from the bridge into the Truckee River. Join Maggie, Dorothy and Claire as they arrive on the Washoe Ranch to rid themselves of their stale marriages, only to learn that they had created lives for themselves that they never dreamed possible. Get your copy today: THE DIVORCE RANCH 


Catherine MacDonald started her first writing project at age ten when she wrote and produced her own play and convinced the neighborhood and her family to pay to attend. She won some writing awards in college, but then life took over. Raising children and teaching school left little time to create stories, but the children grew up, moved out, and she was granted space by the Universe. To date, she had written eight books, including Seasons of the Vineyard--a must read if you enjoy a glass of well-crafted wine. Catherine is also a Reiki Master Teacher and if you are interested in spirituality, she suggests The Jeweled Path, Divine Diva, and The Way. Her new book, The Divorce Ranch, is a historical fiction story set in Reno, Nevada 1936. While the country struggled with the Depression, wealthy people headed to Reno for the cure--from marriages! And it's true. The divorce craze was how Nevada came through the Depression.
Besides writing, she owns and operates an RV dealership with her husband, focusing on the needs of her customers and employees. Catherine's writing is all about helping readers escape to another setting, to feel immersed in a story, and to experience a book that will leave them with something that will add depth and meaning to their lives.

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