Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Living Consciously In An Ego Driven Society by Karen Monteverdi

I just found a book that aligns with my thinking and I wanted to share it with you. There are a few of books out there that talk about this subject, but none so easy to understand, and simple to use. In writing Living Consciously In An Ego Driven Society, Karen Monteverdi, is offering a shortcut, a possibility… you won’t have to wait years to “get it”!

A life that you LOVE living.
A life that you can’t wait to get into each day.
A life that calls forth YOUR unique expression.

We dare to say "Healing by the medical community and alternative health practitioners, are missing bits and pieces." The effectiveness of the conventional health community has always been trial and error.

Karen Monteverdi sets the stage for a new way to look at health, a new way to express ourselves. We call the complex system the Total Holistic Integrated System, and we see it as a expression of how you experience life. You can change your mind, heart, spiritual awareness, become emotionally intelligent and improve your body awareness to create a positive experience of life, letting go of the distress. http://bit.ly/NJBrjT

Living Consciously in an Ego Driven Society is a guide to understand what that means, how different aspects of “Self” being expressed can affect our quality of life. When we live in ego, we may create unwanted symptoms in our mind/body/spirit and emotional body. The "Ego Driven Society" is a "Stress Full Society!"

What are stress driven illnesses?
(According to the AMA & Natural Healing Communities)

Individuals who have frequent moments of stress and do not take steps to manage their stress are prone to developing stress induced illnesses. Here are some stress-related diseases.

Physical Disorders Related to Stress
• Coronary
• Heart disease
• High blood pressure
• Heart attack
• Hypertension
• Diabetes
• Ulcers
• Allergies
• Asthma
• Rheumatism, arthritis
• Colitis
• Chronic bronchitis
• Sinus problems
• Sexual dysfunctions

Emotional Disorders Related to Stress

• Hyperactivity – Bi-Polar Disorders
• Depression – Social Disorders including Agoraphobia
• Suicide
• Violent anger – Irrational thinking
• Nervous System & Brain Disorders e.g. PTSD

And here's the best part, when you buy the book, you can download dozens of similar bonuses that will help you with your own growth. Enjoy! http://bit.ly/NJBrjT

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