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Am I Really Hungry? 6th Sense Diet, Intuitive Eating by Jane Bernard

I found an amazing “diet” book that’s not about dieting! It’s Am I Really Hungry? 6th Sense Diet, Intuitive Eating by Jane Bernard. The 6th Sense Diet is absolutely liberating! Thankfully, there's no counting calories or lists of forbidden foods, and no inner critic. Instead of calories and rules, you get 10 tools for eating intuitively. You’ll discover amazing new solutions for handling weight problems and begin to have long-term satisfaction with yourself and your body at last.

After you read this ground-breaking book, you’ll know what you want to eat just by listening to your 6th sense! You’ll learn about the different types of hunger and that by paying attention to your body, you’ll know what you want to eat. Intuition is your 6th sense. It's a grounding and arousal sense you can depend on to stay clear about food choices so you feel and look great.

If you’re tired of feeling guilty and frustrated around eating, this is the book for you! Am I Really Hungry? gives you bold insights into how emotional eating interferes with your real needs, and you will learn new intuitive tools to put an end to old habits. No more binging or bloating or mood swings! You’ll learn how to eat when you're hungry and stop when you're not. I know I’ll never buy another diet book again! By using intuitive tools, your emotional hot buttons around eating, diet and maintaining your healthy weight become a thing of the past. Bernard reveals how to take the pleasure of eating to a whole new level.

And she’s offering a host of other great bonuses, some of which are also about healthy eating. Now’s the time with the holidays coming to take charge of your life and your body! It's a great gift book, too, for that yo-yo dieter in your life. Happy Holidays! Check it out here:


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