Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Unlock the best version of you with The Biskinds

As Jack Canfield said, "The Biskinds are the real deal...I highly recommend them and their work...they have an amazing ability to shift energy and remove blocks on very deep levels."

Did you know you have unseen codes in your DNA that are controlling your life?
YES. The way you repel or attract relationships, the way you maintain or push away someone you love, how you feel about yourself, your motivation, your energy & zest for life and even the level of success you'll allow yourself.
What if you could uncover these hidden codes that have been running your life and neutralize them once and for all?

You CAN!

Sandra and Daniel Biskind are International #1 Bestselling Authors, Speakers & Spiritual Teachers who for decades have been transforming the lives of Global award-winning business owners and spiritual leaders.

They are Jack Canfield's energy shifters of choice and now YOU can experience the depth of their work that takes these codes locked in your DNA, trapped in programs within your neural pathways, and finally get yourself free - without having to pay thousands for one-on-one but instead, through experiencing their revolutionary book that shows you step by step what YOU can do to unlock the best version of YOU...right away. 

There's healing and high frequency energy even encoded within the book itself.
Their legacy work, CODEBREAKER: Discover The Password To Unlock The Best Version Of You and its perfect companion the CODEBREAKER Journal reveals a system that helps explain the mind, body and soul connection. 
As you read through and absorb the PLATINUM password you will experience deep and meaningful shifts and feel like the book is speaking directly to you.
Get yours NOW so you too can become a high frequency codebreaker and breakthrough your unconscious mind that has been running your life - to being free to have what you want.

Finally, fall in the love of your life, or shift your relationship or feel happy and alive, on fire with purpose once and for all. 

Now with CODEBREAKER, YOU decide. YOU create (not your hidden programs running the show).

The Law of Attraction is a universal law, like gravity. It has the power to allow you to manifest what you want for your life.  Unfortunately, we all have unconscious limiting beliefs that sabotage this potential, frustrating your efforts to manifest your hearts' desires. 

Despite personal growth training and huge investments in coaching and therapy, unconscious programs often persist and undermine attempts at reaching one's highest goals and aspirations. These can show up as "unsolvable problems" ― patterns that continually repeat and seemingly cannot be broken.

CODEBREAKER & the CODEBREAKER Journal present a ground-breaking mind training system that teaches tools and techniques to resolve these hidden issues. The training is easy to implement and leads to life changing shifts that last. 

As you absorb the information you are encouraged to learn and enjoy this life-changing system which will empower you to break free of your blind spots and create what you desire in life. This system is understandable and applicable for beginners as well as invaluable to experienced professionals and students of personal growth, spiritual transformation, and enlightenment.

Included in the teaching are stories that are original and insightful as well as entertaining and engaging.  They help you apply the insights making the system fast and effective. The books are deeply spiritual and at the same time fun, warm and practical.  Making sense of the mystical and magical, the concepts become useful and relevant in everyday life so you can achieve maximum results in your personal growth.

Sandra and Daniel reveal the sexiest trait on the planet as well as the secret to getting off the wheel of karma. As you learn to identify and neutralize your hidden programs, you will be amazed as you are transformed into a high frequency codebreaker yourself!  

As a high frequency being you will be empowered to transform not only your life but the lives of those you interact with and love.

Here's to living your ideal life NOW....

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