Monday, November 26, 2018

Border Crisis? Border Cities

This book is more than a guide for project managers who must deal with governmental agencies but often face corruption at the very top levels.
This book also offers a practical solution for the border crisis unfolding today.
A manual describes how to detect and manage building projects hijacked by political agendas.

Based on their own considerable experience, the Osmans (Buildings, Projects, and Babies, 2017) have written a book specifically designed to help the managers of construction projects undermined by furtive political schemes. For example, an undertaking can be commandeered by a surreptitious plan to embezzle government resources for private gain or redirect them to fund illegal activity. The authors provide concrete guidance regarding how to spot such ulterior motives that can potentially destroy a project; for example, irrational anomalies in spending or hiring, an inexplicable indifference to quality, and a penchant for gratuitous delay on the part of the client might be signs of political skulduggery. The Osmans also counsel readers how to delicately manage such a predicament should it arise. The crux of their advice is that managers, whenever possible, should satisfy their project obligations and adapt to whatever challenges might be produced by clients' unscrupulous intentions. The authors illustrate their lessons by fashioning fictionalized cases; for example, a massive project in Bolivia is hampered by a client's late-in-the-game demand for a two-story penthouse, a request specifically aimed at slowing down development. 
The Osmans also persuasively argue that part of the problem is that project management is largely unregulated, bereft of the standard licensing requirements so common in other professions.They propose and describe a Federal Department of Project Investigation to devise and enforce standards and protect project managers from nefarious clients. The book is both clearly and cleverly written, crafted around an analogy between the primary players on a project and the team that delivers a baby (the project manager is the nurse and the father the client). The authors are veterans in the field, and their professional expertise is unquestionable...
The Osmans have determined that the border crisis could be resolved by creating border cities protected on either side by a wall of sorts. These small towns would inspire the residents themselves to take pride of ownership for development and protection as they would have a personal stake in its security and success. 
An indispensable resource for project managers. 

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