Thursday, September 27, 2018

Women: Be a force of nature in your life and business

Elemental Woman teaches today's conscious feminine entrepreneur the importance of fearlessly stepping into her power by harnessing her own feminine potency that lets her create from flow--consciously, and with intent.
Elemental Woman teaches you the why and the how so that you can have the business (+ life) you always dreamed about."   -Monika Mundell, Creator of Client Attraction Alchemy™

Elemental Woman leads a new generation of conscious women in their questto unveil their greatness...

And helps them fearlessly step into their power to become the influence that creates the world we want.

As a woman embodies her feminine creative force, she activates herself to regenerate. In doing so she become prolifically productive. She instinctively knows when to drop into her inner Wise Woman to receive guidance and when to spring into action mode with Amazon. When you create from your feminine potency life and business becomes effortless. You recognise and act on opportunities at the correct time, and ride the "flow"wave to the maximum.

In this empowering book, by Prasanna DianaManuela, Inspirational Speaker, Published Author and Creatrix of Elemental Woman™, you'll discover:

  • Practises to activate your body to regenerate and step into your feminine creative force.
  • The correct time to receive guidance and the perfect moment to take action.
  • How to embody the 5 Elemental Woman™ Archetypes, to effortlessly create abundance.
  • 3 Mistakes smart independent women make when running a business, that can cost them their relationship.
  • How to dance with your fears, so they no longer stop you from reaching your goals.
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