Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Edge of your seat - The 6th Strand

An unscrupulous US Senator--
A bio-engineered terror--
And neo-Nazi plot to resurrect the "Final Solution."
Only one man can stop the deaths of millions... if he can survive.

The countdown to disaster has begun and a new Nazi Final Solution is about to be unleashed on an unsuspecting world.

Adam Dekker is accused of orchestrating a mad, daring attack on the US Capitol using flesh-eating locusts to wipe out the entire US Congress.

Except Dekker had nothing to do with the attack.

Targeted by a Senate inquiry, as well as a shadowy international billionaire determined to kill him, Dekker narrowly escapes an attempt on his life. 

Dekker must run--from an unseen enemy and the FBI.

In bits and pieces, Dekker finds it is Godfreid Wagner, a secret neo-Nazi, who is using his wealth to hunt him across the country to protect his secret: a bio-engineered virus that, when unleashed, will kill millions. 

As a fugitive, Dekker must find some way to protect his life, clear his name, and return to his job at the National Counterterrorism Center. 

Fighting and evading Wagner's mercenaries while racing across the country, Dekker discovers a secret laboratory among buildings buried near the Denver International Airport--the very lab where Wagner's genetics team has already created and successfully tested the killer virus. And now this madman is ready to unleash the virus across the country and kill millions.

How will Dekker break into the underground facility and stop the plan to unleash the newest iteration of the Final Solution? Who will be saved--who can be saved?

If Adam Dekker fails, the answer to this question is unthinkable.

Russell Vann
PO Box 1223
Conifer Colorado 80433-1223

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